Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

Today is the last day of the year! I would like to say to you Happy New Year!
 I really hope this new year brings to you and your family lots of health, happiness, union, hope, jobs, and just all the best for you all.
Thank you for followed  me this year and give me hope and very nice comments.

All the best for this New Year to come.

Many HUGS!!!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amor, Amor cardigan

My special cardigan is finally done! I love it! I am so happy with the results. The pattern that I used to design this cardigan was Incredible custom fit raglan works perfect. I decided to adorned the sides of the cardigan using the pattern from Lily of the Valley. I really like this pattern.
In a past post I talked about what this pattern meant to me, in case you are wondering what it is you can find it here.
Well here are some pics of my finished cardigan. It's raveled here.

Amor, Amor Cardigan

I hope you like it, and many hugs for you,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I just wanted to wish you a really Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy your day!
My first Turkey made by me!

Many hugs for you,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New day, New creations

Today is a good day, I feel a lot better, and everything is a lot clear. It funny how sometimes 24 hours can change things or feelings. A person might find a solution in that amount of time. Well today is Wednesday a day before Thanksgiving I haven't bought the Turkey yet, what a mess! This is going to be the first year that I will be making the turkey by myself! Will see how it comes out! Any tips for beginners will be highly appreciated. Wish me luck! It's going to be fun!
You see today I am going to share with you two more creations that I finished and I never posted, remember that I told you that I took pics last Sunday? Well this are some of those pics.
I made this wonderful cowl or neck warmer, if you could just touch the yarn! You have not idea how soft and thick this yarn is. It's soooo soft! Like a cloud (or Nube in Spanish)! That's why I call it
                                                                    Maiz  Nube Cowl 

I really do like the color, so rich for this fall, and the buttons are from a little shop in Argentina that only sells buttons, and these ones are tree buttons, it's like the wood has been cut straight from the tree and painted.

I also made a hat, kind of like a slouchy hat with a small pattern.The yarn is wool and is really soft.
I really like how the purples blend and form a nice color all together.I called this one
                                                            The Purple Slouchy Hat
So, very happy with these two projects, I really like them. I hope you like them too.
For now I have to go to lunch, and I need to go buy the turkey breast!
Hugs for you my friends,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I need to talk

It's almost 10:00pm and I really feel like posting. Why because my heart is feeling achy, because I was knitting and some tears were dropping on my knitting, because is so much going on in my life right now that is over whelming, and because one more time words are coming out of my pores and I need to write. Is this what a writer feels?
Well tonight my heart is saying write Sabrina write as fast as you can, and that's what I am doing.
I was knitting my sweater, god knows that this sweater is feeling, me, my hands, my heart, my fears, and my passions. Tonight I can say that knitting is my therapy, tonight I can say that sometimes it keeps me sane.
This sweater is my own interpretation of what  Jane Austin would knit, (at least that was my idea). The problem is that now it turned out to be that plus my own interpretation of including knitting in difficult times.
Even though sometimes I am thinking a million things at the same time and my mood is not the best all my stitches are more even than ever! My knitting tension is perfect!
I called this cardigan :                             Hay amor, amor cardigan.

           This particular stitch has a lot of meaning to me, call me crazy if you want I don't care.                                        
This is how is coming out so far, I like it. The yarn it's just the regular Lion Brand acrylic yarn (I got it on sale $.021 a skein) because god knows that I like good yarn, but at this moment I am broke, so I use whatever I have and I can afford; It knits well is warm and is usable.
Ladies, tonight  I needed a escape and so I came here. It's that the right thing to do? I don't know, but I feel better.
Good night, and many hugs for you.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lot of work today

I have been working a lot today, uploading all my finished projects to my Etsy shop. Finally the day was nice enough to let me take pics, well I have to say that I was on the mood for it as well, which made everything a lot easier.
I have a lot to show you, many new projects and some of them very interesting ones.
I decided that I'm not going to upload all the pics for my new project, but instead some of them and then you can go see the rest here. What I do want to show you is this cool project which is called

                                                                   "The Magic Scarf"
 You can use it as a scarf, very warm, soft and light, or maybe if it gets chilli you can just use it as a sweater!
                                                                  How cool is that?
I hope you like it, and I will show more of my projects later on.
Have a great Sunday, and enjoy the rest of it!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I want Coastal Knits!

What a wonderful book full of wonderful patterns!
I would love to buy this book, but it will have to go to my wishing list, since I am broke right now.
But I have to say that I've enter a contest at Knitted bliss to win this book and maybe, who knows, I get lucky!
So many beautiful patterns, people are saying that the book is so well written and the pictures are great.
So well see if one of these days I'll get it.

Talk to you later.


Monday, November 14, 2011

For my readers

Life has been really tough on my family and me these past months.
I had to go to Argentina as an emergency trip at the end of September, because my dear father was and is very ill. All I have to say is that since September life has been really sad. We went trough a loT, I felt the necessity to tell my readers why of me disappearing all the sudden. Well this is my reason.

I got back from Argentina just like a week ago, my father is stable but his health is very delicate. I don’t know when I would have to go back, but I wish I was there helping him and my mother. She is really taking care of him 24/7. It’s a lot of work! You have not idea. I prefer to keep the details for myself.
My heart is broken in a million pieces, my dad and I are really close and just the idea of loosing him makes me deeply sad.
I do want you “my readers” to know, that I miss writing and I miss making projects and showing them to you, but my mind it’s to busy right now, trying to live at two places at the same time.

Last Friday, after taking to my mother my mother for a while she said “ why don’t you knit something for you, to keep your mind busy in something else?” I said, “ How could I? She said, “ Hija (daughter) is good for you. You should start something, it doesn’t mean that you are going to stop thinking about what’s going on here, it will just mean that your mind will rest for a little while”.
So, because mom is “always right”, I did start knitting something, all for me this time. It’s a raglan cardigan top down, and my mom was right, it did take my mind away from the problems for a while. It’s coming out really good so far. I like it. I guess it will be another garment with a deep meaning. I always knit something meaningful, so I can remember and in the future will always have a story to tell in every single one of my stitches.

To close this post, I would like to say that we should enjoy every member of our family as much as we can, when we can. Mom and Dad are the ones who always love us, no matter what. We should never forget that.
Many hugs to my readers, and I thank you for hanging in there.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Creativity is what I have these days, but the problem is that it comes and goes. Sometimes I get images of hat designs on my mind right before falling sleep, and when I open my eyes thinking about them with a big smile on my face the whole thing disappears! Did this ever happen to you? My husband recommended me to have a little notebook handy on my nightstand in case something pops up, I took his input under consideration and then I put it on practice, so now I have a notebook and a sharp pen on my nightstand and three new designs!

These past two weeks have been really busy on my knitting life. I've been knitting lots of hats with the help of my mother in law,  (my little helper) for this shop in Richmond. I think I might have to deliver them this Sunday, not sure yet.
I knitted new models of slouchy hats; I specially love two of them! I have to say that new patterns keep me entertain and since it's been rainy for a couple of days, it's easier to be inside and just knit.
 I haven't buy any new yarn so far, but instead I REMIX my stash for new ideas, and it worked put perfectly; new combinations, new textures, new designs. It feels like I have all kinds of new yarn!
I will try to take some pictures if tomorrow gets nicer, so you can see my hats before I have to take them to the shop.
You have a great weekend, appreciate life, love the ones around you and hug them more often. Love is good.
Many hugs for you, and thank you for reading my blog!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long time not see

Wauu Summer is almost over and my reappearance comes with it. I do have a lot to say though!
On July my husband and I went to Argentina, Buenos Aires to visit the family for three weeks! It was great, not only because I got to see everybody, but also because I got to spend my Birthday with them! It was so special and nice. Also remember that in July is winter time down there so I got to use all my new knitting.
I as you know by know, summer and knitting fight for me all the time, I cannot concentrate on my knitting, but I have to admit that this past month to date I cannot concentrate in anything, I cannot find motivation, maybe because the big change of seasons is coming, I don't know.
I want to share that I started to exercise and watching what I eat and I lost 2 pounds in three weeks! I am very proud of myself. It's important to remark that it being in shape requires a lot of discipline. So we'll see what would happened, my goal is to lose a little more and then keep it out of me.
For now, I just wanted to share with you, my reader, that I am fine, and that I am very sorry for being away for so long.
Many hugs for you and I hope you have a great afternoon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love Alpacas!

His name is frank Sinatra, he has blue eyes!
On Saturday my husband and I went to visit a very old friend of his to the mountains in Virginia. The trip there was just so beautiful, the views were amazing, and more importantly we had a great time!
In the way back home we saw a sign that said " Open alpaca farm", since it was already 8:00pm we thought it was not really appropriate to stop, but despite that we did stopped to ask what time they were opening on Sunday. The owner was so nice and he saw that I was so enthusiastic about it that he offered us a tour right away. So we got to see all the wonderful farm and all the alpacas he had!
I was so thrilled, I absolutely love Alpacas, they are such interesting animals! He owned like about 63 Alpacas total and they were all so very cute and funny looking! There was also a baby that was 3 weeks old! He was absolutely gorgeous! And the Mr. was so very nice that he got it for me to hold him. I can not explain to you how soft and fluffy he was! I wanted to bring him home with us! hahahaha
In case you live close and you would like to visit the name of the farm is "Clover Meadows Farm" and it's located on Gainsville, VA.
I think that when I grow older I would love to have an Alpaca Farm!
She is smelling my hair! They are really curious!
Baby Alpaca only 3 weeks old!
I love Alpacas!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Education time

Great book!

I read a lot, I always have something to read and I always find the time for it. I know that good knitting books are hard to find, so I fallowed the advice of all the knitters I admired and I decided to go ahead and picked "the must read book" which is suppose to be a good, old fashion and complete. Based on that yesterday I started reading -Knitting without tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann- and boy that this book has a lot of helpful tips! I wonder why all the big knitters love this book! Wonder no more!
I love the way that she explains things, because she mixes the techniques with her personal life, normal knitting problems and questions that you might have sometimes while knitting. So far I really like it.
I wouldn't recommend this book for a beginner though, because it doesn't have a lot of pictures, it's more like "a knitter talking to another knitter and sharing the big secrets of knitting. If you are an intermediate or experience knitter everything she says on the book is going to make sense to you.
It's always good to keep educating yourself a little more on the topics you like the most, it's never too late to learn new things! Learning is like a super food for your brain, it makes it faster and happier!
Lots of hugs for you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I finished my Shawl Collar Vest!

Satisfaction and happiness is what this finished project makes me feel! I finished the Collar Shawl and it came out perfect! I'm so pleased with the results.
 What a great and easy pattern, Jennifer thank you so much for sharing this with us!
I also wanted to say that the yarn is so soft and colorful, very satisfied with that too.
You can find it on raveled here
Today is a really happy Tuesday!

Back view

My Collar Shawl
Loving the big collar
Many hugs for you,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feelings and Knitting

Sometimes we feel passion for what we do, sometimes we are disappointed with the results. Other times we get bored of working on the same thing and we get anxious to finish so we can start something new. We're always looking for what are we going to make next!and sometimes we just fell in love with our project!
And that's what I'm feeling right now!
What are you feeling for your actual project now?

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Kniting Adventure

I’m going through a knitting adventure process, yes that’s right. That’s how I can put it.
Don’t you need knitting adventures too? Don’t you like the emotion of knitting something completely new? It’s like your brain asks for it, isn’t it?
First of all, I want to say that I’ve been saving on my favorites from Ravelry all these amazing patterns for a long time, always thinking that some day I’ll get to make them. What was really happening, was that I was lying to myself, why? Well, because whenever the time to start a new project came I was choosing easy ones. I had a long talk with myself and I decided that needed to end. (I’m not crazy. I’m sure you talk to yourself too sometimes, don’t you?)
For those reasons two days ago I started a new project that I wanted to make for a long time. The pattern is called “Shawl Collar vest” by Jennifer Miller and it’s lovely and it’s FREE!
This is my new adventure, and I say this because I’ve never knitted a circular vest yet.
 Even though the pattern looked easy and short I was scared! The fact that you need to start the pattern back and forth and the change it to knitting in a round was strange to me. I couldn’t figure it out right away, so on Sunday and I wrote to Jennifer and asked the questions I had about the pattern, she replied right away, which it was really helpful. Thank you Jennifer! After that little stumble my brain started to process the information properly and truly and now is surprisingly going great.
Secondly, since my budget is limited, I try not to expend a lot of money on yarn (it’s really hard!), so right next to my work there is Hancock Fabric store and sometimes I find sells, like the other day! I found Amazing from Lion Brand at a bargain price so I bought like 4 skins of it. This is the yarn that I’m using for this project; I love the color, the texture and the ease of the yarn.
Finally, keep in mind that knitting adventures are great time to time, getting out of our comfort zones helps us develop new techniques. I’m trilled about this project so we will have to wait and see for the results.
My friends thank you so much for stopping by and say hi.
 Big hug for you all,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Original Girly Hat

I know that it's the second post of the day, but I wanted to tell you that I've decided to put on sale my original design for the hat that was publish on " Knitting a day Calendar 2011", the Girly Hat.

This is the only hat I made on this design and I decided to put it on sale at my shop,
You can find it here.
I hope you like it!

Inspired by American Robin

This past weekend I was so inspired by a story that I so on one of the blogs I usually read. This lady has a American Robin bird 's nest somewhere on her house. The thing is that she was able to fallow the whole story of the birds, from being on the little eggs to birth!, So cute!!!! For some reason it really got to me, and I felt completely inspired to make this set of necklace and earrings and I called it The Robins Hope. I love how the little nest it's holding a little turquoise egg full of hope and happiness.
I love this set it's one of my favorite ones
Aren't they cute? taking care of the little egg! ahhh

I also made a beautiful Violet set, for which I used semiprecious Jade and Amethyst stones. I called this set
 Violet ways. Inspired by the tranquility that Amethysts brings to you when you have them.

Violet Ways
Well that would be some of the things I worked on the weekend. I really enjoy making jewelry on Summer time!

 Lots of Hugs for you!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to you! I usually don't hate Mondays, but I don't love them either, but today it's a happy Monday because I have news for the winner of my 100 post contest!
and the winner is.....Evelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Evelyn you've won a PDF pattern for the Wrong Star Hat. The only request is the day that you decide to make and finish it please show it to me! I would love to see it! Please email me at with your emial address so I can send you the PDF.
Thank you so so much for leaving a comment! Gracias por dejar su comentario y por participar.
Big hug for you,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

100 Posts!!

Celebrating is always a good thing; it brings happiness, joy and friendship.
Today I would like to celebrate with you my 100 blog posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So much, had past, so many knitting projects, so many shared moments and many wonderful people had past for this blog. I want to say THANK YOU, for stopping by and letting me know that you are there. That’s what keeps this blog going, your comments, your visits, and your interest. You have not idea how happy my heart becomes when I see that you've left a comment or that you are just saying hi! I write for you, I post my finished projects so you can see them, and maybe get inspired.

This has been amazing! Thank you again and let’s celebrate!
For that, I'm giving away one of my PDF patterns, your choice between the Wrong star Hat and the Colorful Cardigan for Blythe dolls. Just leave on your comment what would you like.
I'll choose the winner on Monday 13th . Good Luck to you!

Hugs, many hugs and good wishes for you!


Monday, June 6, 2011

My Owls Sweater II finished!!!!!

My owls have eyes!

I finally finished my Owls sweater II; I’m so please with the results. It came out beautifully; it fits me like a glove. Despite of the fact that the hard work of re-knitting was so painful, slow and tiring (I felt like I was knitting for two years the same sweater, tired of looking at the same color) I have to say that the final gratification was wonderful! When I tried it on and it fitted the way I wanted I could instantly feel a big, fat smile appearing on my face! Yes I was happy, and I still am. 

I blocked the sweater on Saturday and yesterday afternoon I sewed on the tiny buttons representing the Owls eyes.
My husband said: It looks very nice baby, very professional! “Why are you going to add buttons on it? It’s going to look cheese! I looked at him and I said: “ I don’t care if it looks cheese, I knitted this sweater all the way thinking about my Owls having eyes, and I am going to sew the buttons on them and they are going to be owls with eyes, and besides in the pattern they have eyes too! “Ohhh” he said.
OK then ….and  then we looked at each other ( I think he saw my face of excitement because I was about to finish working on this sweater for ever, maybe I looked crazy but we couldn’t resist  and We just burst into laughing!!! You crazy he said, I said you crazy and he gave me a big long hug! 
Owls Sweater

Love it!

I’m glad to say that this story has a happy ending.

Hugs for you!

Jewelry Creations

Hi friends, how was your weekend? Did you have fun? Did you relax? I had a great weekend, fun, fun weekend. I got to hung out with my hubby and best friends and party on Saturday, it was lots of Sangria involved so "it was fun" upps to much Sangria maybe, hehehehe!
Well and then on Sunday I got the whole afternoon for myself, since my husband had to work for while. I got to do everything I had pending. I knitted while watching my favorite movie "Like Water for Chocolate", I got to finish my sweater, I sewed all the buttons, I made some jewelry, I did laundry, I upload all the photos online, and I started two more projects! One hat for my husband and a Collar Shawl for me!
For now I am going to show you the jewelry and then I will show you my sweater in that way will be much more organized.
Here is all the jewelry I made this weekend. I want you to remember that I love and really enjoy making items, and for some reason summer time inspires me to make jewelry.

Heart Set
Heart Set
Heart Set

Green Set

Green Set

Green Set
Yellow Jade Set
Yellow Jade Set
Yellow Jade Set
If you have any questions about any of my pieces please email me at I'll more than happy to help you. Also you can find all my jewelry at my shop Sabrina's Creations.
Thank you so much for stopping by, Hugs for you.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knitting and Summer time

Knitting and hot weather don’t match! It’s been difficult for me to concentrate on knitting when outside it’s about 101 degrees being the real feel 109!
Of course, Summer time it’s always difficult for me to focus on knitting, I love to be out on the water, swimming and socializing. Yesterday I meant to work on my Owls sweater, but we were invited to a pool party for lunch, so honestly the thoughts of temptation about the first splash of the season and being out with my hubby and friends  was stronger than the knitting, and I gave up the knitting moment that I had forcedly created, put everything away and went to get ready for the pool! It was so much fun!
We had  such a good time with dear friends, good food, and drinks and a pool! It was a really a beautiful day to be at the pool hanging out with my dearest people!!
After spending almost all the afternoon at my friend’s pool party, when we got home we were so tired that without wanting, we both passed out on the couch, ending in an unexpected long nap (it felt so good though)!
Finally after dinner I sat down on my couch, and while chilling with my hubby I manage to finish the second sleeve for my sweater, Yay! After all mission accomplished!
It was a great weekend, full of happy moments and romance! 
Love summer time, it makes me feel happy!
This morning I thought: Well, this evening I’ll put all my sweater all together, and I’ll start knitting a couple of rows…(that’s what I thought) My husband called me and said that this afternoon we have to go to my best friends house because it’s his son’s birthday, (we were there yesterday celebrating, they are the ones with the pool!)… Oh my…having fun outdoors wins again! We are going to a pool party again tonight!!!! We will be having a great time again, with a barbeque and swimming at night! The temperature today is 97, with a real feel of 105!
Question: DO you think that after leaving my house around 7:00pm and having a great time at the party when I come back home around 10:00pm I will feel like knitting? I don’t even know!

You guys enjoy the outdoors, life is beautiful and as much as I love to knit I also love to move around and have fun activities and visit friends and spend time with my hubby, so sometimes knitting has to wait, especially on Summer time!

Today I send you a free summer hug!
Happy knitting and enjoy life

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wrong Star Stich, my new Pattern!

Wrong Star Hat By Sabrina F. Santa Cruz
This is what I have worked on for a while, I hope you like it! It was my secret project, I'm not use to write the patterns, so that's why sometimes it takes me a while to publish one.
I love this stitch pattern, it's so much fun! I made it one day playing with yarn, I would like to say that I invented it, but I am not sure of that yet. They are so many stitches out there.
If you would like to get this pattern please visit my Etsy shop at Sabrina Creations, 
You can also always find me at Ravelry for more details.

Happy Knitting to you all!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stitch markers

I love these ones!
Why are cute stitch markers so expensive? I went to see what they have on Etsy and I was like Hell noooo! They are so expensive! I know they are handmade and it takes time and creativity, but I think it’s a little too much.
Well, the thing about the Stitch markers (SM) and me is that I loose them all the time, (exactly the same happens with my hair pins.). They appeared on my couch, between the pillows, in my office, on my bags, sometimes on my purse. They go everywhere. So imagine this, if I expend $$ en SM and then I loose them, it’s no going to be fun! I have some SM that were made for me, I think I had a total of like 10 and now I have like 3! Where did they go?
I know that there are some professional knitters that don’t even need to use them, but I will be lost without them. Specially if I am working on a sweater or a complicated pattern!
Now what I am using now are the plastic basic ones, they are OK, but they are not fun. So, I was thinking that sometime this weekend I should start making a couple of sets for myself to use on my knitting. I have all the tools and beads to do it, so why not? And besides I now what NOT to do when making them. I noticed that there are some people who are not knitters and they make SM for sale and they way they make them basically sucks, because they get tangle on the yarn, they pull the stitches, or maybe they are way to long. It’s not just about making a stitch markers, it’s about knowing what a knitter wants and what’s good for your yarn.
The question is do you use Stitch markers? Do you care what do they look like?

Update: I started the Owls sweater again! No, I am not crazy, I believe in perseverance! So, I almost finish the body!
Today I bought some Amazing yarn from Lion Brand, the color is amazing! I want to make the Saroyan shawl by Liz Abinante. It looks so beautiful!

Time for me to go, I got to get back to work!
I want to thank you for being there for me, big hug for you and
Happy knitting!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Cloud Bolero II

A while ago, I made a Cloud Bolero from one of the Ysolda's patterns. It was gray.
Today I wanted to tell you that I love this pattern so much that I had to make me another one, and so I did. I finished this little bolero last December. It's just that I've never took pictures of it. So at the beginning of this week I decided that it was time to take some pictures and share my final project with you. The pattern it's so much fun and it knits up super fast. The first one I made was like the pattern really I made it short and sewed a button at the middle on the bolero. When I started making the second one I decided to make it a little longer so I can use it with my leggings. I love the way it came out! I like it better than the first one I made. In reference to the yarn I just used the Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, really price convenient and easy to take care of, and when your wallet it's hurting it's ideal! I put this pattern also in Ravelry
Sabrina's Cloud Bolero II

Love this pattern!

with jeans will look better

I love this ribbon!

I hope you like it, it’s always nice when people like what you make, it makes me smile!

Update: I am currently working on my Owls sweater, this time is coming out bigger, and I almost finish knitting the body.
Hugs for you and thank you for stopping by!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Owls Sweater is finished

Well yesterday I posted about my finished sweater, but today my post it's gone! I think blogger is having problems with the servers. So they erased all the posts from yesterday!!!
So here I'm going to post again about the same thing my Owls sweater. This time I am not going to say much, I will just show you the pics and I would like to say that the pattern is great, I really enjoy knitting this sweater, it's easy to fallow and it knits up quite fast. It's my fault that I made it to tight, I didn't make a swatch! upsss.
So I decided that I'll do it again. I'll rip it all off and I'll start all over again! You can see all my notes here at Ravelry
 Here are the pics of my finished Owl Sweater by Kate

My Owls Sweater (happy-sad)

back of my sweater

So this is how my sweater looked like, I truly loved it. It was just too bad that It was so tight. And when I said "it was" I meant that I've already ripped it out.
Last night I put some new stitches on my needles to start all over again.
Patience, patience and more patience, that's what a knitter needs the most.
Hugs for you, have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The results of my Owls sweater

Here I recollect all the pictures that I've taken in the process of making this beautiful sweater. As I said before I will have to rip it and fix it. Now that I've assimilated the situation it's not a big deal. This things happen sometimes. Before taken it apart I wanted to show you everything.
So here we go:

So happy to start

Wau I already knitted all this!
I love the look of it!
Disappointment,too tight
The shaping of the back looks good
So this is what it was like, all the stages that I went through while knitting this sweater.
I have to tell you that I feel very proud that I finished it!
Complete notes on my Ravelry
and start over is not that bad, I like knitting so I will enjoy it again!
Hugs to you my friends!