Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to share that yesterday my husband and I did the pumpkin carved, for me was the first time ever, I was happy as a kid! We bought two pumpkins one for him and one for me. I copied whatever he did, like he sometimes says "watch and learn" and that's what I did.
After a little while my first pumpkin was done! and his too.
Here is a picture of my happy face with the two pumpkins.
The one on the right is mine and the one on the left is his!
Here is a close up
and this one is my husband's, it reminded me of the Night before Christmas movie!
Today around 7:00pm I put the camera and we video chat with my mom and we should her everything, well in Argentina they don't celebrate Halloween so she loves to see what is like here, you know.
It was a really fun day, and to make it complete I finish my first bolero! It looks so cute.
I will should you to you later on, it was too dark to take pictures today, but honestly I truly love it!

See you tomorrow!
and Happy Halloween to you!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I clicked!

I found this cute little bag on sale for $4.99 right next to my work and I am loving it! I can fit a project and I filled the pockets with all the tools. I don’t loose anything anymore! This is unbelievable I can keep everything in one place now.I recommend this little bags they are great and ones you get used to them you won't be able to not have one.

Last night I found a sock that I was knitting long time ago and never finished, well I paid a lot of money for the yarn used on the sock, so i decided to un-knitted and start another par of socks. So well see what it comes out of that project! 
Sharing personal things today.
Today I feel great! I have to share this with you guys, and all this happiness because my mind has finally clicked! Remember that I told you that last Saturday I might go to my friend’s house? Well I went. My friend’s sister has a daughter in law and she was there. She is studying alternative medicine, and we talked a lot. She gave me great advices full natural tips. Talking to her made me realized that I was wrong. She said to me whenever you feel afraid about a situation think the opposite. For example if you are afraid of your dad’s health issues, think about your father holding your baby, think about him playing and enjoying his company. Don’t think negative. She was right!
So when I got home that night I sleep on those words and on picturing all this wonderful things that I would like to see, I felt relieved. I talked to my dad and I told him that I am not scared anymore and that now instead of thinking of him sick and not able to get pregnant, I think of him holding my baby, and you know what he said he gave the sweetest smile and I feel like he was immediately happy.
It’s funny how sometimes somebody that you don’t know tells you something that you already knew, but you couldn’t see, and it takes that person to open your eyes.
I just feel better now, a really negative thought that has been hunting me for a long time is finally gone. Bye Bye stupid thought! And I want to say THANK YOU to Darla for opening my eyes.
Sometimes is good to share personal thoughts and experiences, and today is one of those days.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Relaxing Friday!

Today is Friday Ladies! We get to relax and start this wonderful weekend. The weather website said that it’s supposed to be cold in the afternoon and night time, ideal for knitting while husband is at work! It will have to be tomorrow for me because luckily my husband is off tonight! So we are going out to have fun!

Last night I finished a hat it looks really nice, I am happy with the results.
Since all I’ve been knitting are hats, I fell like I want to start knitting a sweater or a bolero, something different. The only thing though is that I need yarn and I am broke right know. So I guess I will have to keep knitting small things until next Friday that I get pay, Ha! 
I have this beautiful hand spun soft merino wool mixed , and is approximately 135 yards that I bought I while ago at Etsy, but I don’t know what to make, because is not a lot. Any ideas will be appreciated!

And then I have these yarn that I bought in Argentina on my last trip, I have not clue about what kind of yarn is its, I am thinking silky hand spoon something and I haven’t decided what do I want to do with it either.

Tomorrow I might go visit a good friend of mine because yesterday was her Birthday, she is a wonderful person full of stories and she always makes me laugh. She lives with her sister, who I meet first and I love her like my aunt! Whenever I go to their house they make me feel like home, they make my favorite food, they give me hugs and auntie love. They are on her late 60’, so I am like the tiny one there, you know. So well see.

To finish this post I want to share with you a picture of my girls! Yes I have two doggies, Maggie May (Golden Retriever) and Mia Jam ( a black lab), they are the sweetest dogs and I love them to death. They are hanging out with me all day when I am home. Maggie Loves blankest and Mia Scarves! 
                                                                ☺  Maggie May☺
                                                                   ☺ Mia Jam☺

I hope you have a great weekend and have fun!
Hugs for all my readers!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When you knit, what do you think?

What a beautiful night yesterday, Happy for a lot of families and people, all the miners in Chile started to get rescued! After being in the mine for 2 and a half months! I was so glad for them and their families. So while knitting away I was watching the rescued, wauu I could not believe how tiny the capsule was, but they make it through so that was great!
Happy for them, the second miner said, “ the devil and god were fighting for two month, GOD won the fight! -This sentence makes my eyes watery-.

Well, changing the subject, I wanted to ask you something, when you are knitting do you feel like you have time to think? I do, I think a lot. Yesterday I thought about how fortunate my family and I were. We are healthy! I always think that health is the first thing you need to be happy, because you can have all the money in the world but sometimes is not enough to buy health! Right?
Another thing is that I've been working on a new pattern, new stitch, to send to the knitting contest. I've written the pattern down and today I need to take the pictures. It needs to be ready for Friday. Unfortunately I can't show it to you because you have to keep it secret until the calendar gets published, but it looks so cute!

Last thing I wanted to share was that yesterday when I arrived home a cute and friendly dog came out to say hi! She was adorable, after saying hi she took off. I came outside a few minutes later and there she was jumping up and down came running to say hi again. Then I saw a guy standing there and I asked him if it was his dog and he said no, but another one is here too! Well they were lost! Poor puppies...
I called my husband and told them the story and he called the hospital to see if we could get the owners info. We found out that one of them was named Cleo and the other one Shiva. I went inside and from my deck I heard a lady yelling Cleoooo!!! I felt relived when I heard that.
I run and said to my husband "I think I found the owners!" and run to encounter the lady. She was actually the owner and she felt more relived then me. Well this story has a happy ending and the doggies went home safely and happy for having an adventure. I felt good because we were able to help them.
to all my readers and thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My bubble yarn Shawl

Remember that I told you that last March I went to Argentina and I brought yarn? Well this is the bubble yarn that I bought down there.  I have a lot of different colors.
I love the way it came out; the bubbles are super soft and warm!
For this shawl I used US 35 needles, the yarn doesn’t have a specific name here in the US it’s called bubble yarn.

 I really like this shawl! It looks like it has little lights or something, doesn't it?
Today I am working on a new hat pattern to submit to the Knitting a Day pattern calendar since the dead line is on Friday I have to hurry!
Have a great Afternoon!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My new hair cut!

This is my new hair cut, the hair dresser took 8" out! It was a lot of hair! I am going to donate it. So It feels good and my husband really liked it!
Next hair cut I think I am going to go a little shorter, but for now it's just fine.

Hats, Hats and more hats!

Hi everybody, this post is going to be all about pictures, yes the ones that I told you last week I was going to take well I finally took them yesterday.

I was working on these projects:
I called this one My first completed Fair Isle hat.I really like the finished results. It took me a lot of patience and concentrations to knit, but It was worst it. Now I have to make a beautiful flower for it.

                                                                       Me Modeling, jijiji

 Pink and Brown Hat
 I truly love this one, it came out great, super girly with the pink. I just love the brown and pink combination.
Since I improvised this pattern I don't have it written down, i guess I should write because two people already asked me for it.

This Hat is very special, because I didn't mean to make like this, but after a few rows the stitch I was suppose to do had nothing to do with the I was doing, but I left it and it came out strange, so for that reason I called this hat "Strange Hat".

 I'm not a fan of the lace stitch, but since i never actually tried one I decided to give it a try this time.Wauu I love it! I was so wrong, this stitch looks so pretty and it's super easy to make!
I call this hat "Lace Hat"


Inspired by fall and Thanks Giving I crated this one, The Thanks Giving Hat, with warm colors and simplicity.

Finally I made a wonderful hat from " Just Hats"


These are my creations, so far. I hope you like them!
Hugs to everybody and happy knitting!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Hair style for me ladies really soon!

I've always wanted to have a different hair cut, but I don't have the ovaries to just go and do it!
You see I have curly hair so it's not that easy to decide to have a new hair do.
I've been thinking about it a lot and I came to the conclusion that if i don't do it now, I will never going to.
So, on Saturday at 3:00pm I have an appointment with a stylist to have a new hair cut, and this time I am going to go short!

What I want is something like this hair cut that Jennifer Aniston has, not that I love her but I really like her hair style. Wish me luck and I will show my new me on Saturday!
 New, new, new is good.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The art of Fair Isle knitting

 As I said yesterday I have been exploring the art of Fair Isle Knitting, just a little more complicated. On one of my hats I was able to use my OWN chart pattern! Yes ladies and gentleman I always wanted to make one and I found myself lost on the paper, but now everything has changed.
Tell me something; Do you like Fair Isle knitting? Would  you like to create your own patterns and be able to print them out?
I found something really cool and I think is wonderful! It is a knitting chart generator! It's free and you can use it and let your imagination float and create the most beautiful patterns here is the link  tried this
Let me know what do you think.
I designed this pattern

I have to go know, almost time to go home and drink my mate and start knitting.
Love cold days!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Today is a beautiful day for knitting, rainy, gray, chili, Yes definitely perfect for knitting! Like yesterday afternoon, and that was what I did just knit. You see, with a day like yesterday I feel like watching girly movies and knit cozy and comfortable on my couch. Well my husband worked until 4 pm so I had plenty of time! Saturday I started working on a hat, with Fair Isle technique, sharing only two colors, but doing a complicated pattern. It was a hard pattern because if you got a little distracted you were fried! Un-kit and re-knit again! So it did require a lot of patience. Late in the afternoon my hat was ready, and I was a happy camper, I was extremely happy with the results!
I love the color combination that picked and the pattern itself!
I will be posting pictures later on today so you can see it.
It looks really cute!
This year I decided to take a lot of more risks at knitting, I want to tried difficult patterns and I want to knit me anther sweater. I love the designs on this book Twinkle's Big City Knits: 31 Chunky-Chic Designs, my favorite is the one called
 Rockefeller sweater 
Every time I see this Sweater my hands start to itch, I love it!
I have the patterns, I have the yarn I just need the needles US19 circulars. So we’ll see what happens.

Right know I am working on hats, because I have to have 10 ready in two weeks. I have knitted 5 so far so I am doing OK. You have to see them all! I'll take pictures later on to show you!
Hugs to everybody!