Thursday, December 27, 2007



I always thought that starting a new year with positive spirit and energy brings lot of good augury. There are some people that received new years on bed or they don’t even wait for it. I am the kind of person that really needs to be ready and happy to receive a new year. So I have decided to share with you some tips that are fun to do and they make me feel happy.
Tips for receiving New Year 2008
# As soon as you wake up on the 31st tried to clean your aura (I know that a lot of people don’t believe in it, but I do) do it with love, thinking that you are taking away of your body all the negative energy, if you are ill think about your illness and while you clean your aura try to think that you are taking away the illness away from your body. Just focus on living good feelings and positive energy. Your mind state should be strong positive and in peace.
# Think about yourself for a minute, no matter how you look, love yourself. The idea is to feel strong from the inside out, so in that way all left is positive thoughts and positive energy.
#Clean out your house, make it smell good.
#Sweep or vacuum from the inside out, always finishing on the door, like sweeping everything out.
#Take out all the clutter. Clutter is not good for your home, especially in your bedroom. It keeps all the bad energy and it doesn’t let you move on. (That’s what I think).
Change your sheets, so you can actually received New Year on a clean full of positive energy bed!
#Make your bed.
#When you finish all that, your house it’s going to feel lighter and more welcoming, now what you are really feeling is taking care of yourself, so
#Take a nice shower, feel the water coming down, massage your leg, scrub your back and feet. Clean your body starting up like with your head and then going all the way down to your feet, think that the water is taking away from you all that negative energy. Take a deep breath and let go all the negative thoughts, all the things that bother you or those problems that worry you the most, just let go and relax. This is your time.
#Look in the mirror and tell yourself that this New Year everything is going to be ok, and give yourself a big smile.
#Be proud of what you are.
#Get pretty
#Wear something new (it doesn’t matter what it is)
#You are full of positive energy now; good energy is sparkling from your fingers now.
#New year’s Eve: pick a cup o a glass that is not really expensive to make the toast at 12AM. When you are doing that think joyfully and enjoy all the family and friends around you, if your family is in another country just think of them, and your heart would be really happy.
#When you finished try to go outside always taking your glass or cup (the one that you’ve used to toast), with nobody following you, take a deep breath think of three wishes (important ones) take a sip and trough the cup away with all your strength. Feel great about it. Go inside and enjoy the party!

I do these because I believe in it. I believe that good energy is contagious, I think that we have to laugh a lot because is good for your soul, laugh about yourself. Laughing 20 minutes a day make your life longer!!
I hope you really enjoy this tips, and I wish you a really happy new year with lots of peace, health, love and happiness!!!


If you like my tips please let me know, I would love to see that somebody in the world actually read them.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everybody!!! better late than never right? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day!
I know that I've disappeared for quite a long time, I have not excuses. My Christmas was wonderful; we had a really good time. My husband made me lots of nice presents; he really knew what I wanted.
I got a memory foam pillow (I’ve wanted this pillow forever,
I have to say that is so good and comfortable, if you have neck or back problem this pillow make all the pain go away, unless in my case. He also got for me a gift certificate for Tranquility Spa! (MMMM I can wait to go! a pizza roller for cutting the pizza (see I make pizza almost every weekend, he loves my pizza, and when the cutting time comes I used to say that I needed one, so here it is!)
My hubby really surprised me when I opened one of the last presents and it was a gift certificate for Old Town Manassas Needle Crafts Shop, saying that I can buy all the yarn that I wanted!!! He is a sweetheart, my sweetheart. It was so funny because he said " My intention was to pick and buy some yarn for you, but when I saw all the different kinds I didn't know what to choose!" he is so so sweet, just the fact that he went over there and thought of me and tried to pick some yarn for me that is just to sweet. Don't you think? I like the fact that he really knows what I'm into, what I like to do. And you should see the cute card that he got for me! It's so funny and cute at the same time.
I'm just 100% happy at his side.

I also want to say that yesterday I finally finished my green vest!!! Yay!! I'm so proud of it; it came out just the way that I wanted. I'm going to take some pictures soon.

Since my friends my husband and me are exchanging Christmas presents on New Year's Eve I am finishing up lots of presents that I made for my friends. I made hats, scarfs, one big tote bag, and little sachet bags to put the presents in. I hope they like it.

Well I think I'm going to let myself go back to work.
I'll be uploading the pictures really soon.

I love my husband with all my heart!
We have been together for almost 6 years, and I still feeling butterflies on my belly when I'm with him!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ice cream Blythe coat
at my shop!

What a weekend!! Nice of course but busy! Friday was relaxing but my hubby was working until like 11:00pm, so I’m bored when he is not around, I miss him so much, so I I just relaxed until he got home and I cooked some dinner for him. I love my hubby with all my heart and beyond that. Yes I really do.

Saturday I did the house chores and then I knitted a little bit because my friend Ceci came to pick me up to go girls night out! Yay! We had lots of fun, nothing fancy you know. We went shopping, and then to have some dinner and drinks, but we had a great time, we talked a lot. Hubby worked, he came home at 10:30pm. (I really missed him).

Sunday, well I think is the first time in years that I loved a Sunday as much as I loved this past one. (I usually hate Sundays, they’re really depressing for me, unless they are rainy Sunday, and then I love them. I know it’s weird).
Well the thing about this Sunday was that it was a really productive one!!
Pink polka dots hat at my shop

I finished lots of Blythe doll projects, I’m so proud of them. I think they look adorable. I had the time to list everything on my etsy shop and on flickr! I also had to work on a custom order and I’m super happy with those results too.
Colorful fall Blyhte hat
at my shop.-- sold--

I love to create, I’m so so happy doing it!
I also had the chance to spent time with my hubby who finally was able to live work earlier so he was home at 4:30pm this time. We watched football together, eat, talked and just hugged. I love hugs, I can’t go one day without one, he is not a big fan of hugs, but since he knows that I need them to live he gives me some, hehehe.
Well I finally took some decent pictures of my creations this time. I hope some people like them so the new items can find a new home soon.


Sabrina's Creations

Que fin de semana!! Lindo por supuesto pero bien ocupado! El Viernes fué tranquilo porque mi amor trabajo hasta las 11.00pm, así que no hice mucho, relajarme nomás hasta que el llego y le cocine la cena.

El Sábado limpié la casa y después tejí un poquito, hasta que mi amiga Ceci me vino a buscar para que pasemos la un rato juntas. Nos re divertimos! No hicimos nada sofisticado viste, solo fuimos de shopping, a cenar y aprovechamos a tomar unos tragos bien ricos.
Mi amor trabajo hasta las 10:30pm (la verdad es que lo extrañe mucho).

El Domingo… creo yo que es la primera vez en años que me encantó tanto un Domingo como este que paso. (Casi siempre odio los domingos me resultan deprimentes, a no ser que este lloviendo, entonces ahí me encantan. Raro no?).

Snow White Blythe hat at my shop--SOLD---
En mi negocio!

Bueno la cosa acerca de este Domingo fué que fue un día muy productivo!! Terminé un montón de proyectos para las muñes Blythe, estoy super orgullosa. Pienso que quedaron preciosos, y no es que sea modesta es que es lo que siento. Tuve tiempo para ponerlos en mi negocio etsy y también en mi página de flickr! También tuve que trabajar en una orden personalizada que me pidió una clienta y la verdad estoy muy contenta con los resultados.
Amo crear, soy feliz cuando lo hago!

Vaquita de San Antonio Blythe gorrito en mi negocio!
Ladybug Blyth hat at my shop!

También tuve la oportunidad de pasar tiempo con mi amorcito, quien finalmente llegó a casita a las 4:30pm de la tarde esta vez. Así que juntos miramos un poco de futbol americano , comimos, charlamos y nos abrazamos. A mi me encantan los abrazos, no puedo vivir ni un día sin tener uno, el amorcito mío.. . bueno el no es muy fanático de los abrazos, pero como sábe que yo los necesito para vivir a veces me regala algunos! Jajaja.

Ladybug hat
at my shop

Bueno finalmente pude sacar fotos de mis creaciones con más vida y color. Espero que a la gente les gusten así mis creaciones encuentran una casita nueva prontito!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I am so so happy! because today I had my first sell out of United States!!!

Estoy muy feliz porque hoy tuve mi primera venta fuera de los Estados Unidos!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just having a good time!

Yesterday it was a really busy day for me at work, it was all me; by the time I got home I was exhausted. Since my husband was working last night I had time to watch my shows, yay I had the power in the remote control!! So I went upstairs I change into comfy clothes, I grab my needles and I put on one of my shows!Ralaxing time...“Sigh”......
I'm really into TELL ME YOU LOVE ME (I love that show is so real and romantic at the same time) it’s an HBO show. I highly recommend it! See I have to take advantage of the TV when my hubby is not home, because when he is home he is the owner of the TV, he won’t let the remote go!!! Amazing!

So, while watching my shows I was knitting, of course. I was working on more Blythe hats. It’s like all the sudden my head is full of ideas again! You’ll see.
I was also working on the neck of my green vest, I have to finish it soon because winter is here.
I have some pictures to post I’m so excited about it. I knit a little bit every night.

This is my green vest pattern Triangle stitch, I love it!

I’m only using the neck pattern from this magazine, although I think the whole thing looks really pretty.

Ayer estuve ocupadisima en mi trabajo, Para el tiempo que llegue a mi casa ya estaba agotada. Mi esposo estuvo trabajando anoche, así que aproveche y me puse al día con todos los programas que yo miro, Siiii por fin tuve el poder de usar el control remoto de la tele!!
Así que llegue a casa le dí una galletita a cada una de mis perris, subí a mi cuarto y salte adentro de ropa bien cómoda. Por supuesto de ahí agarré mis agujitas, me apoderé del sofá y a tejer y mirar mis programas!!! Relajación… “ suspiro”….
Me re- enganche con un show que se llama “Tell me you love me” (me encanta porque es realista y romántico al mismo tiempo) es una serie de HBO. La verdad que lo recomiendo. Mira tengo que tomar ventaja de la tele cuando mi esposo no esta, porque cuando el esta, dios mio, es el dueño de la tele y del control, no deja ninguna de las dos cosas ni por un minuto! Increible!!

Así que mientras estaba mirando tele por supuesto estaba tejiendo, estuve trabajando en más gorritos para las muñes Blythe. Es como que de golpe se me lleno la cabezita de ideas super lindas otra vez! Ya vas a ver.
También estuve tejiendo un poquito el cuello del chalequito verde, si porque lo tengo que terminar rapidito ya que el invierno se esta haciendo presente por estos lados.
Tengo algunas fotitos para subir, la verdad que estoy muy contenta con el patrón del chaleco, no es el de la revista eh! Use un punto que acá se llama punto triangulo y me encanta como queda. Solo estoy copiando el cuello de esta revista, aunque creo que todo el chaleco esta precioso.
Este es el punto que use yo, el punto triangulo!! No es re lindo?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finally new items arrived to my life!

Well I feel good today!! I finally have sold something in my shop! As soon as I listed it the cute Pink Polka Blythe hat was gone, yay!!!
Yesterday I took pictures of the cute finished items. I’m so happy that I have something new to show and to sell!

For sale at my shop

A la venta en mi negocio

Luna loves to be a model whenever she has the opportunity. She was the one who suggested this wonderful colors!

For sale at my shop

A la venta en mi negocio

For Sale at my shop
A la venta en mi negocio

I totally love this hat, I almost keep it for Luna, but she said mami sell it you can make me another one!

Changing the subject yesterday my hubby two more friends couples and me went to have some dinner to a Greek restaurant; we had a lot of fun! Good food, good company, good friends and my hubby. I didn’t eat much, but I tried a little bit of everything and that was great.

In reference to my husband’s alfajores I did not have any luck, the guy told me that he was going to have them, but he doesn’t have them yet. He said maybe in a couple of weeks.
Besides my husband yesterday discovered it by reading my blog, that I was trying to get them, so called me and said to me “ baby don’t worry about it, you don’t have to buy them, it’s ok”. So we’ll see if I can find them anyway.

Yesterday I became a member of the NaBloPomo. You are supposed to blog everyday on the month of November, see I missed 4 day because I discovered it yesterday, I hope it’s OK, and if it’s not Ok, I will do it anyways.

Bueno hoy si que me siento mejor!! Finalmente vendí algo en mi negocio! Tan pronto como lo puse para vender lo vendí, habra durado 5 minutos si eso y ya no estaba más.
Ayer tome las fotos de los lindo projectitos que ya tenia listos para mi negocito.
Ahora por fin tengo algo Nuevo para mostrar y para vender.

For sale at my shop
A la venta en mi negocio


Este es un gorrito de Navidad, me encanta le puse un arbolito de navidad en el medio de la florcita!

Cambiado de tema ayer mi esposo dos parejas amigas y yo fuimos a cenar a un restaurante Griego; la pasamos re bien! Buena comida, buena compania, buenos amigos, y el maridito al lado mío! La verdad que no comí mucho pero eso si probe un poquito de cada cosa, me encanta hacer eso.

En referencia a los alfajores de mi Esposito querido, no tuve nada de suerte. El señor me dijo que los iba a tener a la nochesita y me mintío no los tenía nada. Dijo que por ahí los traía en un par de semanas. Aparte mi esposo estuvo chusmenado mi blog ayer y descubrió todo, así que me llamó y me dijo que no me haga problema que no me gaste la platita y que no le compre nada. Yo pienso que si el señor los trae igual los voy a comprar porque ahora la que se quedo con las ganas de comerlos soy yo.

Ayer me hice miembro de NaBloPomo. Uno está supuesto a escribir una entrada en el blog todos los días de Noviembre, lo malo es que yo me perdí los primeros 4 dias porque recien la descubrí ayer. Espero que no importe, y bueno sino no me importa igual es algo que quiero hacer.
Chicas quiero ir a casa y tejer y tejer mas Blyth gorritos!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

I am here Amigos!!!

I’m here! I know I’m a really bad blogger. I think that it’s because sometimes I’m so busy that I don’t have time to do it.
I have been working on a lot of things lately, (blythe clothes!!) I know you might think less talking more pictures, right? Well the thing is that it’s getting really hard for me to take pictures, because now by the time that I get home is already dark. I’m not good a talking picture inside. Yesterday I asked my husband if he would help me to make a light box, and he said, “we’ll see”. I know that he knows a lot about photography, but he doesn’t disclose to me any information about it. I wish I knew as much as he knows.
Today I decided to bring my camera with me (at work) so I can take some nice sunny pictures of some finished projects that I want to list on my shop.

Last Saturday was my dad’s Birthday!! Happy Birthday Dad!! He is 52 now!
I couldn’t go to Argentina to spend his birthday with him, but my heart and my thought were with him all day long. I called him to Argentina like 4 times on Saturday. I love him he is the best dad in the whole world!!!
Yesterday we went to El Patio an Argentinean restaurant to celebrate my in-laws 42nd anniversary we had a great time. The only bad thing is that I forget to buy Alfajores for my husband (it’s his favorite cookie). He asked me for them yesterday in the way there and because I didn’t see them at the store I completely forget about them. Hubby is upset with me, I’m sad about it. I’m going to try to find those Alfajores not matter what and give them to him. He does so much for me I feel guilty now. Oh well hopefully I will find some and he is going to be happy again. I just called to one of the Spanish markets and the guy told me that he is going to bring some Alfajores this afternoon!! Yay!! Hubby is going to be super happy if that happens!!

Acá estoy!! Ya sé soy una muy mala blogger. Pienso que es porque a veces estoy ocupada haciendo algo y lo pospongo vieron.
Estuve trabajando en bastantes cositas ultimamente (ropita para las muñes!) Se que deben estar pensando más fotitos y menos escritura! No? Bueno la cosa es que se me está haciendo bien difícil sacar buenas fotos, porque para el tiempo que llego a mi casa ya esta oscuro. La verdad es que no soy buena para sacar fotos adentro, simpre me salen oscuras sin vida y la verdad no me gustan así. Ayer le pregunte a Ale (mi esposo) si el me podria ayudar a armar una caja de luz para sacar fotos, y me contesto, “vamos a ver”. Yo sé que el sabe muchisimo de fotografía, porque tomo clases y porque trabaja con fotos todo el tiempo, pero no quiere decirme ningún secreto acerca de eso. Desearía saber todo lo que el sábe. Hoy decidí traer la camara de fotos al trabajo así en mi hora de almuerzo aprovecho y le saco unas fotitos a algunos de los diseños que tengo listos para poner en mi negocio.

Este Sábado que paso fue el cumpleaños de mi papá, cumplio 52 añitos!!
Feliz Cumple Papi!! No he podido ir a Argentina a pasar el cumple con el este año pero mi corazón y mis pensamientos estuvieron todo el día con el. Lo llamé a Argentina como 4 veces el Sábado. Lo amo a mi papa, el es el mejor papa de todo el mundo!!!
Ayer fuimos a celebrar el aniversario número 42 de casado de mis suegros a un restaurant Argentino que se llama el Patio. Bien argentino el lugar. Encontre hasta manteca
La Veronica y todo!!
La pasamos re bien! Lo único que me arruino un poco la noche fue que me olvide de comprarle los alfajores a mi esposo (los Havanna son sus alfajores favoritos). El me los había pedido cuando ibamos rumbo para allá, y como no los vi en el negocio ni me acorde.

Alfajores Havanna

El maridito mío esta enojadito porque me olvide, y a mi me pone triste. Hoy me propuse encontrar esos alfajores no importa como o donde pero los va a tener. El hace tanto por mi que me siento culpable. Saben que recien llame a un Mercado latino que vende algunos productos Argentinos y me dijo que para la tarde los va a tener, yay!! Estoy contenta y el va a estar contento tambien!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I like doing favors!

Today I want to present you Flor and Fer the cutest little rabbits; my mother in law made them. When I saw them I thought, that she should be something to put up on my shop and on my blog. So as a nice favor to my mother in law I’ll help her to find a home for these cute little rabbits.
Hoy les quiero presentar a Flor y Fer las conejitas más dulces!
Mi suegras fué la que las ha tejido. Cuando las vi me parecierón preciosas y pensé que era algo que podía poner en mi negocio o en mi blog. Así que como un favor le dije que la iba a ayudar a encontrarle una casita nueva a estas conejitas.

Flor and Fer are for sale at my shop!
Flor y Fer estan en venta en mi negocio!

This is Fer
Esta es Fer!

Fer the sweet baby Rabbit
Fer la dulce conejitabebé

This is Flor the little black rabbit!
Esta es Flor! la conejita Negra

Flor and Fer Rabbits are all hand knitted, with embroidered eyes and nose. The yarn used on them is super soft and non fuzzy. Because of her softness and secure eyes and nose this rabbit is ideal for babies to have it as a security toy. They come with a hand knitted dress full of colorful stripes; they also come with a nice size sachet bag where you can store them for a trip, if you need to. The sachet bag will be made of a surprise fabric pattern.

Las conejitas Flor y Fer son tejidas a mano, con ojos y nariz bordados. La lana usada en ellas es super suave y no es peluda.
Por su suavidad y seguridad en las caritas, son ideales para bebés o chicos chiquitos para ser usado como un juguete de seguridad. Las conejitas vienen con un colorido vestido tejido a mano y un par de zapatitos tejidos a mano también. Las conejitas vendran con una bolsita cosida por mi, de una buena medida que puede ser usada para guardar las conejas o para otro uso que vos les quieras dar, la tela usada para esta bolsitas sera sorpresa.

Flor and Fer together!
Flor and Fer juntitas!

Little hand knitted shoes!!
Zapatitos tejidos!

Friday, October 19, 2007

This is AMAZING!!!!

You don’t have a clue about how happy I am! The reason is huge!
OK here it goes, Yesterday I received an email from an editor from Italy saying that: she has been looking for a flowery picture and when she so my “Flowered tote bag” picture, she stopped searching. My Picture was what she was looking for!
So the editor asked me for permission to use my photo on an English Learning Book that is going to be published on January 2008 in Italy. I was so shock of happiness when I read that email. I was going Oh my gosh!!! This is great! One of my designs is going to be seeing in another country! So that’s what happened to me yesterday! Isn’t great?

Here is the picture
Acá esta la foto

Ustedes no tienen idea de lo contenta que estoy! La razón es enorme para mi!
Miren lo que paso fue lo siguiente, ayer recibí un email de un editora Italiana diciendo que: ella y la gente de la Editorial estaban buscando una foto que tenga flores y que cuando veiron la foto de una de mis creaciones llamada “ Flowered Tote Bag”, pararon de buscar porque esa foto era exactamente lo que estaban buscando! Así que en el email la editora me pide permiso para usar la foto en un libro de enseñaza de Ingles para chicos de 11 a 13 años, que será publicado en Enero del 2008. Después de leer el email yo saltaba en una pata de alegría imaginense!! Así que es fué lo que me paso ayer, no esta re bueno?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is Tata Bear!

This is Tata Bear!

On sale at my EtsyShop
Story in English

Here is my latest creation in amigurumi, from my Tata collection.
This is the sweet little Sleepy Bear Tata. He is a really special bear because he comes from a place far far away called Tataland, where it's always winter time. For that reason he likes to be cozy in his rocking chair. He likes to be next to the fireplace (if possible).
Tata bear doesn't like to be alone, so he comes with his buddy tiny bear Hojita, they like to go together everywhere!
This bear loves strawberries, so for you don't to forget he has a collar with a little strawberry charming.
Tata bear comes in a beautiful big sachet bag, which is reusable and made with surprise pattern fabric.

Tata bear
Hojita tinybear
Sachet bag
8" x 7"

I hope you like the picks above because I don't have enough light and it's killing me.

Historia en Español

Este es el osito Tata!

Les presento a mi ultima creación en Amigurumi de la colección Tata.
Este es el dulce Osito Dormilón Tata. El es un osito muy especial porque viene de un lugar lejos, lejos que se llama Tataland, donde siempre es invierno. Por esa razón a él le gusta estar sentadito comodo y calentito en su sillita mesedora y si esposible al lado de la estufita o del hogar.
Al osito Tata no le gusta estar solo, así que el viene con su amiguito Hojita, a ellos les gusta ir juntos a todos lados!
A este osito le encantan las frutillas, así que para que no te olvides de eso, el trae un collarcito con un frutilla de colgante.
El osito Tata y su amiguito vienen adentro de una bolsita de tela, que es reusable. El estampado de la tela de la bolsita es sorpresa.

Tata bear
10cm alto
Hojita tinybear
5cm tall
Sachet bag
20.5cm alto x 18cm ancho

En venta en mi negocio Etsy

Espero que les gusten las fotitos porque como ahora no tengo mucha luz, me cuesta sacarlas.

Besitos y hasta pronto!!!

The meaning of my Collection's name

I have been working in some amigurumi projects. I realized that is one of the best things that I can make. When I’m making them, I just start imagining things, like where they come from, making up names and I finally have like a long story for each toy. And if I pick a named for them is for sure that it has a meaning for me. I like things when they have a meaning and are related to something positive and happy.

He estado trabajando en algunos projectos de Amigurumis que tenía pendiente. Me di cuenta que es una de las cosas que más lindas me salen. Cuando los estoy creando empiezo a imaginarme de donde son, los nombres que van a tener y al final tengo una larga historia para cada muñequito. Cuando elijo los nombres es porque tienen un significado para mi. Me gustan las cosas que a parte de tener significado están relacionadas a memorias felices y onda positiva.

I’ve been thinking about a name for my collection for a long time, I finally came up with one!
I’m going to name my collection of Amigurumis "Tata’s Collection". You might be wondering why? Well as I said before every name that I pick has to have a meaning for me. You see the story for this one (Tata) is simple and loving.
My brother is 4 years younger than me. When he was little like 2 or 3 years old he couldn't say my name Sabrina or the word sister, so he started to call me "Tata".
Now for special dates, he writes an email and always says “For my Tata…
I think that not a lot of people know this story (well know a lot of people is going to know it!) So, because that word means so much to me, and my toys are made with lots of love that’s why I decided to use the word Tata for my collection of sweet Amigurumis.

Estuve pensando por un tiempo largo un nombre lindo para mi colección de Amigurumis, y saben que? finalmente encontre uno!
Voy a llamar mi colección de Amigurumis "Colección Tata".
Ustedes estarán pensando por qué? Bueno como dije antes cada nombre que elijo tiene que tener un significado para mi. Miren la historia para este nombre " TATA" es simple y tierna; Resulta que cuando mi hermanito tenia 2 o 3 años no podia decir mi nombre Sabrina o toda la palabra hermana, así que empezó a llamarme "Tata".
Ahora para fechas especiales, como las fiestas, cumpleaños etc.. el me escribe un email y siempre pone "para la Tata"...
Creo que no mucha gente sabe esta historia (bueno ahora la va a saber medio mundo). Así que porque esa palabra significa muchisimo para mi y todos mi muñequitos (amigurumis) estan hechos con mucho amor,he decidido usar este tierno nombre para mi colección de dulces Amigurumis.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I like to make tiny things!!!

I love making cute items, I try to make them as cute as I can. I enjoy making small things, I don’t know why, but they seem cuter than larger ones. I don’t have any babies yet, but I love making baby booties. So the other day I came up with this.

Me encanta hacer cositas lindas y dulces, trato de hacerlas tan dulces como puedo. Disfruto mucho haciendo cosas chiquititas, la verdad nosé porque, pero si son chiquitas parecen más preciosas que las grandes. Saben que no tengo bebés todavía, pero me encanta hacer escarpines para bebés, así que el otro día me salió esto:

Blue Sky Baby Booties for sale at my shop, for $12.
En venta en mi negocio

I think this baby booties look great for a gift, for a baby shower or for you baby. The are hand knitted and made with a lot of care and love.
Please if you have any questions write me an email, I'll more than happy to help you.

Creo que estos escarpines serían ideales para un regalito o un Baby shower, o simplemente para tu bebé.

Si tenés alguna pregunta no dudes en comunicarte conmigo via email, estaré más que contenta de ayudarte.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What do you think about this animation??

I found this lovely animation about knitting obsession (click here) is written directed and animated by Laura Neuvonen. Maybe you have seen it already, but if you haven't, I recommend you to watch it. I think it's really cool,
I just wanted to share it.

Do you think knitting is addictive???

Encontre esta corta y linda animación, acerca de la obsesión con tejer. (hace click aca que te lleva al video) Esta animación es escrita, dirigida y animada por Laura Neuvonen. Por ahi ya la vistes, pero sino lo hicistes te recomiendo que la mires. A mi me encanto, por eso la queria compartir con ustedes.
Vos crees que tejer es addictivo???

Today my head is full of ideas!

Today my head is full of ideas! I think that my creative energy is back! I feel like I want to finish some projects that I have left on my needles and my hooks for so long! I have 3 amigurumis to finish, I just need to crochet the arms and legs. I also have the back and the front of a sweater that I have started last year. Talking about this sweater, I think I might turn it on a vest, I’m not sure yet. I also have the cutes knitting toy’s booklet from Jess Hutchison!
The thing was that I wanted to have it forever but it was sold out and the author won’t publish it again. Fortunately I found a nice girl (one of my flickr’s friend) that had a copy of the booklet. She got in touch with Jess and asked her if she could make a copy for me (for personal use) Jess said that it was not a problem. So this nice girl made a copy and sent it to me and now I have all these cute patterns to make!!! I can’ wait, my hands are itching so badly!
The only thing is that almost all the patterns have to be knit on DPN’, now I feel more confident because I’m getting better at using DPN’.
Anyways, first I want to finish the socks, and then we’ll see what is going to be next.

Booklet by Jess Hutchison

Hoy mi cabecita está llena de ideas! Siento que toda mi energía creativa ha vuelto! Me dieron ganas de terminar todos los proyectos que tengo abandonados por tanto tiempo en mis agujas de tejer y en mis ganchos de crochet! Tengo tres amigurumis para terminar. A los cuales les tengo que hacer solo las piernitas y los bracitos para que queden listos. También tengo la parte de adelante y de atrás de un sweater que había empezado el año pasado. Con respecto a este sweater creo que lo voy a transformar en un lindo chaleco, no estoy segura todavía.
Ah, también tengo el librito de Jess Hutchison,que tráe los patrones más lindo para tejer juguetes.
La historia fué así, yo estaba queriendo este librito por mucho tiempo, lo busque cielo y tierra, pero sin suerte de encontrarlo ya estaban todos vendidos. En mi página de Flickr un día se lo vi a una chica, enseguida me contacté con ella. Creo que ella si entendio realmente cuanto lo quería, que hizo todo lo posible para mandarme una copia del ejemplar. Ella le escribió un email a la autora del libro preguntandole si estaba bien que me haga una copia para mi uso personal. La autora le dijo que si, que no había ningún problema, así que acá estoy feliz con mi librito Nuevo y un montón de patrones preciosos para hacer, ya me pican las manos terriblemente!!!!
Lo único es que para casi todos los patrones se necesita usar las agujas de doble punta, es un poquito difícil si no estas acostumbrada a usarlas. Yo me siento un poco mas cómoda despúes de haber tejido el par de medias.
Bueno de todas maneras,primero quiero terminar las medias para mi mami y despúes veremos que empiezo.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I had a great weekend!

Happy Monday everybody! I had a great weekend. I had the chance to spend time with my hubby! We had a lot of fun together. I also got the chance to finish my sock, yay!!
I have to say it doesn’t look perfect, but you know what? It’s OK, because it’s my first pair of socks, and it’s the first time that I have finished a big project with DPN’. I feel great and I look at them as a proud mom.

Feliz Lunes para todos! Mi fin the semana estuvo muy lindo. Tuve la oportunidad de pasar tiempo con mi esposo! Nos re divertimos juntos. También la oprtunidad de terminar la media que me faltaba, estoy muy contenta al respecto. Tengo que decirles que no esta perfecta, pero saben que? No me importa porque es el primer par de medias que he tejido en mi vida, y es la primera vez que termino un proyecto largo en agujas de doble punta.!
Me siento feliz y miro mis medias como una mamá orgullosa.

On Saturday I got 2 packages on the mail, it was my yarn!! You should see, it looks beautiful, now a have some pictures to show you.
El Sábado me llegó por correo la lana que estaba esperando, no saben lo linda que es! Ahora tengo unas fotos para mostrarles

I love pink and green together!! Me encanta el verde y el rosa juntos!!!

This is the one that I order for my mom, isn't pretty?
Esta es la que ordene para mi mamá, no creen que es linda??

I was thinking that today I’ll start my mom’s socks, but I‘m concern about the pattern that I picked. When I knit the first pair I did it with worsted yarn and DPN’6, casting on 40 sts, the yarn that I’m going to use now is fingering weight and I’m going to knit with DPN’3, but the question now is: how many sts should I cast on? Do you think that if I make it with 40 is it going to be too small? I really want to use the same pattern that I used for the first pair, because I already know it. If you have an idea about this can you please let me know? I need help! Thank you my friends!

Estába pensando que hoy voy a empezar las medias de mi mami, pero tengo una preocupación acerca del patron que elegí. Cundo tejí el primer par use lana gruesita con aguajas doble punta N0 6 Y 40 puntos. Ahora voy a usar lana finita en agujas N0 3 pero nosé con cuantos puntos? Ustedes creen que si le pongo 40 puntos van a ser muy chiquitas? Qué hago? Yo quería usar el mismo patron que en las primeras medias porque ya lo conosco, alguna sugerencia que me ayude??
Desde ya muchas gracias amigas!

I almost forgot to show you, some yarn that I found on Etsy for only $2.50 each! and of course I had to order it!

Casi me olvidaba de mostrarles una lana re linda que encontre en Etsy, por solo $2.50 cada una, por supuesto la tuve que ordenar!

What do you think?
Que te parece?

See you later, have a great afternoon! Después nos vemos, besitos,


Friday, October 5, 2007

English and Spanish + Yarn!!!!

Today I decided that I’m going to write in English and Spanish. I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while and I think that is going to give me the chance to express and communicate better whit people that I like. This is how is going to work: I’m going to write a paragraph in English and then in Spanish, so everybody is happy, including myself!

Hoy decidí empezar a escribir en Inglés y en Castellano. He estado pensando esto por un tiempo y creo que va a ser mejor porque voy a tener la oportunidad de expresarme y comunicarme mejor con la gente que quiero. Este proceso va a trabajar de la siguiente manera: voy a escribir un parráfo en Inglés y otro en Castellano de esa manera todos estamos contentos, sobre todo yo!

As I say yesterday my second sock is almost done! I can’t wait to get home from work today and start knitting so I can finish it! The good thing is that I have time because my husband is going to be working until 10:00pm tonight, so by that time that he gets home my project is going to be done!
Como dije ayer, my segunda media esta casi terminada! No puedo esperar salir del trabajo para ir a casa y empezar a tejer y por fin terminarlo! Lo bueno es que voy a tener tiempo por que mi esposo hoy trabaja hasta las 10:00pm, así que para el tiempo que el llegue a casa ya voy a tener todo terminado!!

I have to tell you, I get all excited about knitting socks and I had to buy some more yarn, I know… too soon right? I wanted to knit a pair of socks for my mom (she lives in Argentina). I found the perfect color, is like pink with green, it’s beautiful! I hope to see the package when I get home this evening. I have only two more hours to go and then the weekend comes!!!!
You should see this yarn is just precious!! My mom can’t believe that I know how to knit socks, so I want to knit a really nice pair for her; although she will have to use them next year because in Argentina is Spring time right now, a little to warm for wool socks, don’t you think? She said today “ I don’t care that is too hot, I want to have them with me, because you made them! She is so sweet I love my mom.
Tomorrow yes or yes, I’m going to upload some photos so you can see what I’m talking about. I think I talk too much for today. See you later my friends!!

Tengo que decirles que me emocioné tanto con esto de tejer medias que ya tuve que ordenar por internet más lana para medias! Ya sé debés de estar pensando, tan rápido?
La cosa es que le quiero tejer un par a mi mamá (ella vive en Argentina). Encontré el color perfecto es como un rosa fuerte con verde, es una lana Hermosa!
Espero ver el paquete ahora cuando llegue a casa esta tarde. Me quedan solo dos horitas de trabajo y después a disfrutar el fin de semana!
Tenés que ver la lana… es preciosa!
Me da risa porque mi mamá todavía no puede creer que se tejer medias, por eso quiero tejerle un lindo par para ella; aunque creo que no las va a poder usar hasta el año que viene por que allá empezó la primavera, así que hace un poco de calor para usar medias de lana. Hoy ella me dijo, no me importa si hace mucho calor, las quiero tener porque las hicistes vos! Es un dulce de leche mi mama, la adoro.
Mañana sí o sí subo las fotos así pueden saber de lo que estoy hablando. Creo que por hoy hablé mucho, así que hasta luego mis amigas!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I finally did it!!

When I started knitting, my dream was one day to be able to knit socks! I saw them as something really difficult and hard to make. Last weekend I decided to start knitting a pair. I looked for the easiest pattern for beginners, I copied it, I bought some cheap yarn and I started to knit. At first it was really hard for me to take control of the four needles, hahaha, and then after a couple of rows I was all excited. Knitting the heel was easier than I was expecting it came along really well. I think that the hardest part was closing the sock, because I wanted to use the Kitchener Stitch, oh gosh that was hard! I had to go to you tube and find a tutorial to understand it, and guess what?? I did it!!!
My first sock looks beautiful! I was so proud of myself that I put my first sock on my nightstand when I went to bed so I could look at it! hahaha. I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I will soon, when I finish the second one. I think that is going to happen between today and tomorrow!
I remember that Stephanie once told me that knitting socks is addictive, and I have to say that she was totally right!
How was your first knitting socks experience???

Monday, October 1, 2007

Not having a really good time....

Hi there, I know I'm such a bad blogger! the thing is that life is being very hard on my family and me, so I don't have too much time to write. I found that this blog makes me happy, the fact that I know that you guys come to read what I write, it's a really good feeling.
I have to say I'm sorry for my bad English. Sometimes I feel like just quitting my blog just because of my English, and then I think no, wait.. I really don't want to stop doing this!

My ideas are gone for the moment, that's why I haven't created anything new. I'm waiting to get emotionally better, so I can make cute little things again. I will be showing you some new thing really soon I promised!
At this moment the only thing that I really need is to believe and a lot of hope!

From my favorite author Paulo Coelho I extracted this beautiful words and I would like to share them with you, first in Spanish and then in English:

In Spanish:
El hombre nunca puede parar de soñar. El sueño es el alimento del alma, así como el alimento del cuerpo es la comida. En muchas ocasiones, durante nuestra existencia, vemos cómo se rompen nuestros sueños o se frustran nuestros deseos, pero es necesario continuar soñando, pues en caso contrario nuestra alma se muere....

Now in English......

A men can never stop dreaming. Dreams are the food of the soul, just as food is to the body. In our existence we often see our dreams come undone, yet it is necessary to go on dreaming, otherwise our soul dies...

Reading Coelho always makes my soul feeling better and happier..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do you like Blythe Dolls??

As you might know by now, I love to sew, crochet and knit from those three activities I create. I like to create different things, that’s why I have such a variety of items in my shop. Approximately a month ago I got my first Blythe doll, Luna. She is beautiful, and of course I have to create for her too. Between last Sunday and yesterday I finished some cute items for her and for others Blythe dolls! I like to make Blythe items.

I was thinking that I might have to open another shop, exclusively for doll’s items. Otherwise my shop is going to be confusing I think, but I’m not sure yet.
This is a little chair that I have in my shop, it's ideal for Latty doll's too. I used them more for my amigurumis. I think it's too adorable.

All right! I think I wrote more than enough for now!
I’ll be back later!


This is the sweet Sophie

All this week I have been working a lot, creating different things. At this moment I’m working in two amigurumis, this time I’m trying new kinds of yarn. The idea is to create a really fuzzy one, but it’s so hard to crochet with fuzzy yarn. Surprisingly, this project is coming along really well; hopefully I will be finishing it by the end of this week. Oh gosh I love making Amigurumis!!!! Talking about them, so far I have sold a total of three already! The first one was Sophie the sweet sheep, the second one was Teresa the tiny bear, and third one was Romina.

I think her face is really sweet. When I'm inspired everything comes out so easy. I loved Teresa, she is in a nice home now.
When I made Tere I was inspired by love and sweet simple things,that's why she is such a happy toy full of positive energy.

Well I have to admit I love to create amigurumis I think that they are super cute and you have to think a lot make them different and unique.
If you make amigurumis plase write to me letting me know where I can see your work!! I love to see different amigurumis.

What a nice week so far!!

Sorry that I haven’t been writing everyday, it’s very hard to get use to this. I still try to figure this entire blog thing out. I’m use to flickr, what a wonderful place to make new friends!!So many talented people, I love looking at their pictures, it really help you to learn how to make your page or blog to look better. Talking about flickr:
Check this out!
Well two days ago I got a beautiful package on my mail, from my very, very good flickr friend Angie. She made a nice and big knitting case with lots of stitch marker!! When I saw it I was speechless! It looks just beautiful!!! Thank you so, so much Angie, I'm so lucky to have as my friend!!!
The funny thing is that I’ve always wanted one, and now I have it and it’s perfect!