Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspired by American Robin

This past weekend I was so inspired by a story that I so on one of the blogs I usually read. This lady has a American Robin bird 's nest somewhere on her house. The thing is that she was able to fallow the whole story of the birds, from being on the little eggs to birth!, So cute!!!! For some reason it really got to me, and I felt completely inspired to make this set of necklace and earrings and I called it The Robins Hope. I love how the little nest it's holding a little turquoise egg full of hope and happiness.
I love this set it's one of my favorite ones
Aren't they cute? taking care of the little egg! ahhh

I also made a beautiful Violet set, for which I used semiprecious Jade and Amethyst stones. I called this set
 Violet ways. Inspired by the tranquility that Amethysts brings to you when you have them.

Violet Ways
Well that would be some of the things I worked on the weekend. I really enjoy making jewelry on Summer time!

 Lots of Hugs for you!

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