Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Suri Alpaca fExtra fine Merino soooo Softtttt!!!!!

What a gray day today! I wish I was home knitting on my sofa watching something fun, but in reality I am stock at work like the majority of us. During lunchtime I went to Hancock fabrics to see what they had. I found some cheap yarn the Vanna’s Choice from Lion Brand in Dusty green color. I love it! I am planning to knit me another bolero, since the one I knitted has been use a lot. Well I can’t complaint the yarn is pretty decent and is machine washable (what a relieve), and I only spend $7 because it was 30% Off!!!

I have to confess that yesterday I found a place online that sells Suri Alpaca Extra fine merino from Plymouth for $4,95 a skein!!!! http://www.fabulousyarn.com/plymouth_main_surimerino.shtml
 I was shock. Do you have any idea about how soft this yarn is? Well let me tell you it’s soft as a cloud!  So this morning after thinking for a long time I went to the website again and I browsed all over again until I decided to finally buy it. I bought 7 skeins of Suri Alpaca extra fine Merino for $34.00 less $3,50 discounts it came up as $31.00 and is Alpaca!!!!!
So, after all I have cheap yarn and good quality yarn. I think I have an idea about what I am going to make with my Suri Alpaca, but I am not sure yet. What I do know is that today when I get home I am going to start knitting another Bolero from Ysolda, because I love them!
My Baltazar Vest is done, I will show pictures really soon.
Ladies, I just want to knit on gray days!
Hugs to all of you and enjoy your knitting!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Knitting and finished projects

I can believe that Thanks Giving is so close! We already bought the turkey and all the rest of the food, delicious! So Thanks Giving is already here and the weather is still like spring time! How cool is that? I wonder if winter is going to come this year…mmm… I wonder if it is going to get cold enough to be able to use my chunky knits? I hope so! Last Sunday I started a new project from the Twinkle's Big City Knits, yes another one. I love that book, and there are like 4 more projects that I really like, so you will be seeing more chunky knits from me. Well the pattern that I am doing right now is called Balthazar vest. I am using Landscapes yarn- Rose garden- from Lion Brand. Super soft and light and very warm. So far I love it. I don’t know if it’s going to be enough yarn though; and if I run out of yarn it is going to be a problem because that specific yarn has been discontinued. Yes I know, I should have thought about that before starting, but the thing is that I have all this yarn and I needed it to use it. So we’ll see what happens.
Today I also updated Ravelry with pictures of my finish projects; one of them was my February Lady Sweater. I like when everything looks nice and completed.
Here is my February Lady Sweater finished (with modifications on the lace  pattern)

November has been a very active knitting moth for me. I finished two projects fro myself already and I will probably finish one more, and they are all for me!!
Well I let you go back toy do your things. Thank you for reading and as I always say


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things I wanted to show

Girls here is the finished product! I wish I could have taken a better picture of my bolero, but it was too dark and I just couldn't wait any longer to should it to you. I want to show you also how it looks on me so you can give me your opinion. I have to say that this is the first pattern that I used from Ysolda and let me tell you it was perfect! I loved it! Now I want more of her  work. I want her book really bad! She rocks!

I just love my Bolero!

I also wanted to show you the progress of my shopping tunic, last night I decided to un-knit again and I was able to make it fit! So I will finish it tonight. I am so tired of looking at it. I really want to finish it because the weather is supposed to get really cold next week, snow involved and everything, so I want to be ready, cozy and warm.
Last night I remember that I've never posted a picture of my first published pattern the one that came out on Knitting Pattern a day. Well here are the pictures of how my pattern really looks!

 I've submitted another pattern for 2012 and I am supper excited about I hope it can make to the calendar again. 
Well that's all for today, I now it's not much, but at least you could see where I am at.
Just for the record I am working on a new pattern for everybody.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting crisis!

You have not idea how many times I remake the neck of the shopping tunic! OMG! It's driving me crazy! This is looking really bad. I do NOT like the look, shape or form of that neck, It turns out freaking HUGE! 
Nooooo, I am way too short for that type of neck I look like a big" walking sweater".  Patience Sabrina, breath, it is going to be only the 4th time that you un-knit this project, breath. You have to redo it again, so take  it easy lady! I know, I know i said to myself! Even though I talk to myself i am NOT crazy (well just a little bit).
So last night that’s what I did, while watching the Pacific (HBO war mini series) with my husband, I  un-knitted all the neck again to the shoulders; I left it ready to start knitting again, this afternoon when I come back home from work, I just want to finish it! In the mean while I say to myself “
“La paciencia es un árbol de raíz amarga pero de frutos muy dulces.”
“Patience is a tree of sour roots, but really sweet fruits”

I also wanted to share with you that my adorable husband got us tickets to go to the U2 concert for June 2011!!!! He was alerted so he new the first day the tickets went on sale and he got row 11 baby!!!!! I will see Bono so close that is going to be awesome! Besides U2 has a couple of songs that are very special to us, so is going to be a magic night.
I can’t wait!!!

To all the knitters, patience is the key for a wonderful project!
Hugs everybody,

Friday, November 5, 2010

Knitting and me

Knitting… it takes my mind again, it’s my therapy, it activates my imagination and I create. Magic is what I feel when I project is done, when I can see the results, when I know I am wearing something made by me on my favorite color and my favorite length.
So I’ve been knitting away a lot this week. You see when I worried there is a point during the day that I need to let go, and then is when I grab my needles and my hands do all the work leaving my brain to rest. On Wednesday night I finished a hat for my husband, he needed one, it’s like a gray with two burgundy stripes. He was happy but a little disappointed because the color that used was really similar to the color I had used last year, but he liked and he’ll said he’ll use it. It was the perfect fit.
I have been wanted to knit  “ the shopping tunic” from Twinkle's Big City Knits for a long time, but I didn’t have the correct needles to start it. So I decided to finally look for the needles. So expensive! The place in Old Town Manassas wanted $15.00 for a Clover bamboo pair and $22 for a pair of Addis!!!!! Nooooo I can afford that! Sorry. So I decided to go online to Etsy and I found a wonderful shop that had the needles that I needed it. Do you know how much did I pay for the same pair of Clover bamboo needles? You won’t believe it! …………..
$4.00 for a pair!!!!!!!!! And $1.00 for shipping! I bought two pairs of different sizes and I spend including shipping $9.00 and only $9.00 dollars. So yesterday when I got home the needles were there in my mailbox. I was able to start my project and so far I love it!
I will show later. I am planning on taking plenty of pictures this weekend so you can see everything.

Today I am using my First Bolero!! It looks so cute! I feel proud when I remember that I made this bolero, hihihihi.
  The pattern is by Ysolda , love this girl, she makes really beautiful things. I wish I could knit as well as she does. Her work inspires me a lot.

 Well that’s all for today, you guys have a great weekend and enjoy!We are going to have drinks and some appetizers http://trummersonmain.com/home/ (yummy!) I tell you all about it later
Have a great weekend!