Friday, September 23, 2011


Creativity is what I have these days, but the problem is that it comes and goes. Sometimes I get images of hat designs on my mind right before falling sleep, and when I open my eyes thinking about them with a big smile on my face the whole thing disappears! Did this ever happen to you? My husband recommended me to have a little notebook handy on my nightstand in case something pops up, I took his input under consideration and then I put it on practice, so now I have a notebook and a sharp pen on my nightstand and three new designs!

These past two weeks have been really busy on my knitting life. I've been knitting lots of hats with the help of my mother in law,  (my little helper) for this shop in Richmond. I think I might have to deliver them this Sunday, not sure yet.
I knitted new models of slouchy hats; I specially love two of them! I have to say that new patterns keep me entertain and since it's been rainy for a couple of days, it's easier to be inside and just knit.
 I haven't buy any new yarn so far, but instead I REMIX my stash for new ideas, and it worked put perfectly; new combinations, new textures, new designs. It feels like I have all kinds of new yarn!
I will try to take some pictures if tomorrow gets nicer, so you can see my hats before I have to take them to the shop.
You have a great weekend, appreciate life, love the ones around you and hug them more often. Love is good.
Many hugs for you, and thank you for reading my blog!

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