Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New day, New creations

Today is a good day, I feel a lot better, and everything is a lot clear. It funny how sometimes 24 hours can change things or feelings. A person might find a solution in that amount of time. Well today is Wednesday a day before Thanksgiving I haven't bought the Turkey yet, what a mess! This is going to be the first year that I will be making the turkey by myself! Will see how it comes out! Any tips for beginners will be highly appreciated. Wish me luck! It's going to be fun!
You see today I am going to share with you two more creations that I finished and I never posted, remember that I told you that I took pics last Sunday? Well this are some of those pics.
I made this wonderful cowl or neck warmer, if you could just touch the yarn! You have not idea how soft and thick this yarn is. It's soooo soft! Like a cloud (or Nube in Spanish)! That's why I call it
                                                                    Maiz  Nube Cowl 

I really do like the color, so rich for this fall, and the buttons are from a little shop in Argentina that only sells buttons, and these ones are tree buttons, it's like the wood has been cut straight from the tree and painted.

I also made a hat, kind of like a slouchy hat with a small pattern.The yarn is wool and is really soft.
I really like how the purples blend and form a nice color all together.I called this one
                                                            The Purple Slouchy Hat
So, very happy with these two projects, I really like them. I hope you like them too.
For now I have to go to lunch, and I need to go buy the turkey breast!
Hugs for you my friends,

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