Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My sweater is finished but with tears!

Oh my! Were do I start. Remember that I was knitting the Owls sweater? You do, well I finished it! It came out beautifully except for the little detail that is that the armpits are soooooo tight!! I feel so disappointed! You see I followed every single instruction I even made the sweater a size bigger than mine, but still to small. The thing is that the whole sweater fits me like a glove except for the under arm, so tight that if I keep it like this, I won’t be able to wear anything under it. Nop, no my type, I like it tight but not that tight! I feel like my owls are going to explode in any minute!
 So this is what I am going to do. I will get home, I will take a picture of the sweater and me, I will show it to you, and then I’m going to unravel it and I’ll start all over again!
And this time I’ll go for the 40”.
So yes, I’m very mad at the sweater and myself because I put a lot of work on it, for nothing, and it wasn’t like I was not trying it on while I was knitting, I tried it on  a million times, until I started making the owls.
Oh well it’s nothing that I can do except start all over again and make perfect this time.

I'll show it to you later on so you can see that I’m not lying.

Many hugs to you, and I do accept hugs today! I need them! hahaha


PS: Yesterday I was finally able to update all my finished projects on my Ravelry you can find me as Sabrina F. Santa Cruz like a designer or as Sabry like a member.


Anonymous said...

Aw :( Perhaps you could just rip to below the armpits and then change the stitch count - that way you don't have to reknit at least half of it.

Sabry said...

Hi Fridica! I know I thought about that too, but I am afraid that it's not going to look good you know, the fact that I'm goign to be increasing a bunch of stitches at once mmm... i don't know hpw it's going to look.
What do you think? Should I give it a try?

Anonymous said...

Diosa cuanto lo siento , pero vos lo podes arreglar,besos y un abrazo grande y fuerte de mama
tia Cheli

Sabry said...

Gracias Cheli! Si la verdad que estaba media bajon, pero ya esta. Ahora volvere a empezar y tengo pilas porque se que lo voy a arreglar y me va a quedar bien.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that would be tricky, you're right. Well, good luck with reknitting! I love the colour you chose, so it will be a gorgeous sweater!

Sabrina said...

Gracias Cheli, a veces estas cosas pasan y te sirven para parender que antes de empezar a tejer hay que hacer la muestra sino corres riesgos como en mi caso. Pero no importa yo lo voy a arreglar.