Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stitch markers

I love these ones!
Why are cute stitch markers so expensive? I went to see what they have on Etsy and I was like Hell noooo! They are so expensive! I know they are handmade and it takes time and creativity, but I think it’s a little too much.
Well, the thing about the Stitch markers (SM) and me is that I loose them all the time, (exactly the same happens with my hair pins.). They appeared on my couch, between the pillows, in my office, on my bags, sometimes on my purse. They go everywhere. So imagine this, if I expend $$ en SM and then I loose them, it’s no going to be fun! I have some SM that were made for me, I think I had a total of like 10 and now I have like 3! Where did they go?
I know that there are some professional knitters that don’t even need to use them, but I will be lost without them. Specially if I am working on a sweater or a complicated pattern!
Now what I am using now are the plastic basic ones, they are OK, but they are not fun. So, I was thinking that sometime this weekend I should start making a couple of sets for myself to use on my knitting. I have all the tools and beads to do it, so why not? And besides I now what NOT to do when making them. I noticed that there are some people who are not knitters and they make SM for sale and they way they make them basically sucks, because they get tangle on the yarn, they pull the stitches, or maybe they are way to long. It’s not just about making a stitch markers, it’s about knowing what a knitter wants and what’s good for your yarn.
The question is do you use Stitch markers? Do you care what do they look like?

Update: I started the Owls sweater again! No, I am not crazy, I believe in perseverance! So, I almost finish the body!
Today I bought some Amazing yarn from Lion Brand, the color is amazing! I want to make the Saroyan shawl by Liz Abinante. It looks so beautiful!

Time for me to go, I got to get back to work!
I want to thank you for being there for me, big hug for you and
Happy knitting!

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tamdoll said...

I always want to buy those cute plastic stitch markers at the craft store, but they are very expensive... and I misplace things all the time, too - instead I use paperclips that I bend a little. I can get them in all different colors and it doesn't matter if I have to replace them frequently since I have so many of them.