Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love Alpacas!

His name is frank Sinatra, he has blue eyes!
On Saturday my husband and I went to visit a very old friend of his to the mountains in Virginia. The trip there was just so beautiful, the views were amazing, and more importantly we had a great time!
In the way back home we saw a sign that said " Open alpaca farm", since it was already 8:00pm we thought it was not really appropriate to stop, but despite that we did stopped to ask what time they were opening on Sunday. The owner was so nice and he saw that I was so enthusiastic about it that he offered us a tour right away. So we got to see all the wonderful farm and all the alpacas he had!
I was so thrilled, I absolutely love Alpacas, they are such interesting animals! He owned like about 63 Alpacas total and they were all so very cute and funny looking! There was also a baby that was 3 weeks old! He was absolutely gorgeous! And the Mr. was so very nice that he got it for me to hold him. I can not explain to you how soft and fluffy he was! I wanted to bring him home with us! hahahaha
In case you live close and you would like to visit the name of the farm is "Clover Meadows Farm" and it's located on Gainsville, VA.
I think that when I grow older I would love to have an Alpaca Farm!
She is smelling my hair! They are really curious!
Baby Alpaca only 3 weeks old!
I love Alpacas!


do you mind if i knit said...

I've just come over here after reading your lovely comment on my ravelry page, thank you! I'm fascinated by how close you got to the Alpacas, theyt're normally very shy, and to actually pick one up is amazing! The owner must handle them all a lot, either that, or you have a special magic touch when it comes to Alpacas! Love Vanessa xxx

Sabrina's Creations said...

Thank you so much Vanessa! Your work is really inspiring to me!As I said before I love how you work with your color combination!
It's funny that you said that about the alpacas, because the owner told me the same thing! He said that they are really curious but really shy and if you get to close they run away and almost never can be pet! But with me it was different, some of them came to me and let me touch them and they were so cute! The baby and the mom alpaca were really sweet and they hang out a lot with me! It was a great experience. I think I will have to come back really soon!
Hugs to you