Thursday, May 12, 2011

The results of my Owls sweater

Here I recollect all the pictures that I've taken in the process of making this beautiful sweater. As I said before I will have to rip it and fix it. Now that I've assimilated the situation it's not a big deal. This things happen sometimes. Before taken it apart I wanted to show you everything.
So here we go:

So happy to start

Wau I already knitted all this!
I love the look of it!
Disappointment,too tight
The shaping of the back looks good
So this is what it was like, all the stages that I went through while knitting this sweater.
I have to tell you that I feel very proud that I finished it!
Complete notes on my Ravelry
and start over is not that bad, I like knitting so I will enjoy it again!
Hugs to you my friends!


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