Friday, May 13, 2011

My Owls Sweater is finished

Well yesterday I posted about my finished sweater, but today my post it's gone! I think blogger is having problems with the servers. So they erased all the posts from yesterday!!!
So here I'm going to post again about the same thing my Owls sweater. This time I am not going to say much, I will just show you the pics and I would like to say that the pattern is great, I really enjoy knitting this sweater, it's easy to fallow and it knits up quite fast. It's my fault that I made it to tight, I didn't make a swatch! upsss.
So I decided that I'll do it again. I'll rip it all off and I'll start all over again! You can see all my notes here at Ravelry
 Here are the pics of my finished Owl Sweater by Kate

My Owls Sweater (happy-sad)

back of my sweater

So this is how my sweater looked like, I truly loved it. It was just too bad that It was so tight. And when I said "it was" I meant that I've already ripped it out.
Last night I put some new stitches on my needles to start all over again.
Patience, patience and more patience, that's what a knitter needs the most.
Hugs for you, have a great weekend.

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