Monday, June 6, 2011

My Owls Sweater II finished!!!!!

My owls have eyes!

I finally finished my Owls sweater II; I’m so please with the results. It came out beautifully; it fits me like a glove. Despite of the fact that the hard work of re-knitting was so painful, slow and tiring (I felt like I was knitting for two years the same sweater, tired of looking at the same color) I have to say that the final gratification was wonderful! When I tried it on and it fitted the way I wanted I could instantly feel a big, fat smile appearing on my face! Yes I was happy, and I still am. 

I blocked the sweater on Saturday and yesterday afternoon I sewed on the tiny buttons representing the Owls eyes.
My husband said: It looks very nice baby, very professional! “Why are you going to add buttons on it? It’s going to look cheese! I looked at him and I said: “ I don’t care if it looks cheese, I knitted this sweater all the way thinking about my Owls having eyes, and I am going to sew the buttons on them and they are going to be owls with eyes, and besides in the pattern they have eyes too! “Ohhh” he said.
OK then ….and  then we looked at each other ( I think he saw my face of excitement because I was about to finish working on this sweater for ever, maybe I looked crazy but we couldn’t resist  and We just burst into laughing!!! You crazy he said, I said you crazy and he gave me a big long hug! 
Owls Sweater

Love it!

I’m glad to say that this story has a happy ending.

Hugs for you!


Pam said...

I love the owls! :)

Sabrina's Creations said...

Thank you so much Pam! They are a lot of fun I love them too!