Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Leftie is finished!

Happy face!

Having this past long weekend gave me enough time not only to finish my knitting project but also to take pictures of it so you can see it.
Finally my Leftie is out of the needles! And I -LO-VE- IT!!! It came out just perfect, because the colors matched beautifully. I have to confessed that knitting garter stitch is not my favorite, because after a while it gets boring, so basically I had to make myself think about the final results to keep going and that’s how I got trough all the garter stitch part. Making the leaves was fun and after making a couple of them I got use to it and I didn’t need to fallow the pattern anymore. I made a total of 22 leaves and for my neck size it was plenty, because I am able to wrap it all around without a problem. You can find this project raveled here.
My Leftie Shawl

 All I have to say about this pattern is that is really easy and well explain and that the result is just beautiful. I highly recommend it!
It’s going to be hard to wait for cooler days to be able to use it, I can’t wait!

Now, well I am just looking for the next project, I can’t decide tough, maybe I just should find the right yarn for my Sylvi. I have to have a Sylvi!

Hugs to you



MarmePurl said...

It is just Fabulous!!!!! And you my dear look so lovely wearing it!

Sabrina's Creations said...

Thank you so Joan! (blush, I really love this project!
Hugs to you!