Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I also like to cook

Sometimes, I really like to cook pastries too. This picture that you are seeing is a kind of dessert that I made last Saturday to take to my friends house.
These pastries are called facturas Argentinas, and they are very typical in my country, we eat them, for breakfast, or tea time, and very often for mate time.
It takes a long time to prepare, because the dough needs a lot of time to rest.
I made this batch to take to my friend's house last Saturday, she was having party and we had them as a dessert with coffee. They really liked them, I made a total of 37 pastries and in 15 minutes they were all gone!
My mom passed me the recipe, and I keep it as a treasure.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I will have my Owls

Owl sweater by Kate Davies.
On Sunday afternoon I decided to bring my needles out of the dust and start a new project for me. I’ve wanted to knit the Owl sweater by Kate Davies. I just simply loved this pattern since the first time I saw it, and since I have the perfect yarn for it “Suri Alpaca and Extra-Fine Merino Wool Yarn, I went for it! I bought this yarn on December of last year at a great price! The texture of this Suri-Merino is wonderful, so soft and light.
My plan is to finish this project on time to go to Argentina this July (winter time down there). I know that we are just at the end of April, but on spring/summer I slow down a lot on my knitting, simply because I have a lot to do, who doesn’t. I love being outside, talking my dogs with my husband, going to the pool, my Yoga classes, hanging out with my hubby and friends, going put for drinks, making jewelry, cooking sweets, and on rainy days knitting!!
Since I’m not very skillful on circulars needles it takes me a little longer to progress on my knitting, but so far so good, surprisingly I’m knitting much faster now! Finally! And since I haven’t knit anything since last February this project feels good. I can see energy sparkling off of my fingers tips!

Changing the subject, I have been reading a lot lately. I’ve already read 10 full books. My challenge is 30. Yesterday I finished reading “Water for Elephants”, it was fantastic and with a very unexpected ending. Now, I’m reading book #11 on the list, its called “Tatiana and Alexander”.
Something interesting: I use this website and it’s great because you can keep track of every book you have ever read. They also have giveaways yes for free! I got lucky sometimes and so far I’ve won 4 books! In on day I won 2!!!

Well friends, I have to go now. You have a wonderful day and I’ll see later,
A big hug for you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, hello there!

My dad
I know, I know, I am sorry! I got lost... to much going on around here. I couldn't keep up with everything. But know I am back again.
Since last time I wrote I left for Argentina. The trip was awesome! I got to spent almost a month with my parents. I was able to take care of my dad while my mom was working, we had fun. I did everything so my mom could rest when she came from work. I will show you the photos later I promise. The only though part of the trip was that I really miss my husband. Three weeks and a half is a long time to be apart!
When I got home my father was no doing too well, he spent most of the time on bed, he wasn't able to shower by himself, he couldn't shave by himself, or cut his meat nether walk. My soul was crushed when I saw him, I didn't imagine to see him so sad. My mom was so happy to see me and we both planned what to do to bring him back on track again. My mom said " you are the only one who can help him, you have some kind of power on him that makes him better, he listens to you, you are the light of his eyes, together we can make him fell better", I hug my mom and I started to cry and she said don't worry "angelito" (liitle angel) I won't let anything bad happen to him, I promise. Well, since day one I started to take care of him, I started to spend lots of time with him, I will only leave the house to go buy groceries while he was napping, I took him to therapy, I cooked for him, I shaved him, I listened  to him, we drank mate together, I made him walk little by little, I made him sat outside on the sunshine. On the 4th day... he was able to walk a block with out tumbling.
On the 6th day, he was able to take a shower by himself. On the 8th day, he was up all day only going to bed for two hours in the afternoon for napping. My mom couldn't believe it! The last two weeks my dad was my normal dad, of course he only walks with a walker, but he walks! He was happy, and bright and talkative. He help me cooking and set in up the table, we went everyday to wait form my mom to the bus stop.
 He was him again.
So making a long story short, my trip was a miracle trip! I am so glad that I went in the perfect time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for following me even though I was away for a long while.
Your support makes me want to keep reading.
Ohhhh I almost forgot to tell you, my mom loved the scarf!!!!!!! She took the letter I made with the scarf to her work and all the coworkers that read it cried! hahaha, they said it was so sentimental and deep that they couldn't content themselves. The only thing that I did forget and that I can't forgive myself for is that I did not take no One picture of the complete scarf!!!!!!! I know, don't mention it! But if I go back in July I will take plenty this time.
Oh my that I had a lot to say.
I will talk to you later
many hugs for you
I painted my parents apartment

My brother and me

I got this beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day 
from my dear husband


My dad and I

My dad and I

My mom and me

I got these roses from My hubby for our Anniversary

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires