Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The art of Fair Isle knitting

 As I said yesterday I have been exploring the art of Fair Isle Knitting, just a little more complicated. On one of my hats I was able to use my OWN chart pattern! Yes ladies and gentleman I always wanted to make one and I found myself lost on the paper, but now everything has changed.
Tell me something; Do you like Fair Isle knitting? Would  you like to create your own patterns and be able to print them out?
I found something really cool and I think is wonderful! It is a knitting chart generator! It's free and you can use it and let your imagination float and create the most beautiful patterns here is the link  tried this http://chartgen.orangellous.com/index.php#chart
Let me know what do you think.
I designed this pattern

I have to go know, almost time to go home and drink my mate and start knitting.
Love cold days!

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