Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Kniting Adventure

I’m going through a knitting adventure process, yes that’s right. That’s how I can put it.
Don’t you need knitting adventures too? Don’t you like the emotion of knitting something completely new? It’s like your brain asks for it, isn’t it?
First of all, I want to say that I’ve been saving on my favorites from Ravelry all these amazing patterns for a long time, always thinking that some day I’ll get to make them. What was really happening, was that I was lying to myself, why? Well, because whenever the time to start a new project came I was choosing easy ones. I had a long talk with myself and I decided that needed to end. (I’m not crazy. I’m sure you talk to yourself too sometimes, don’t you?)
For those reasons two days ago I started a new project that I wanted to make for a long time. The pattern is called “Shawl Collar vest” by Jennifer Miller and it’s lovely and it’s FREE!
This is my new adventure, and I say this because I’ve never knitted a circular vest yet.
 Even though the pattern looked easy and short I was scared! The fact that you need to start the pattern back and forth and the change it to knitting in a round was strange to me. I couldn’t figure it out right away, so on Sunday and I wrote to Jennifer and asked the questions I had about the pattern, she replied right away, which it was really helpful. Thank you Jennifer! After that little stumble my brain started to process the information properly and truly and now is surprisingly going great.
Secondly, since my budget is limited, I try not to expend a lot of money on yarn (it’s really hard!), so right next to my work there is Hancock Fabric store and sometimes I find sells, like the other day! I found Amazing from Lion Brand at a bargain price so I bought like 4 skins of it. This is the yarn that I’m using for this project; I love the color, the texture and the ease of the yarn.
Finally, keep in mind that knitting adventures are great time to time, getting out of our comfort zones helps us develop new techniques. I’m trilled about this project so we will have to wait and see for the results.
My friends thank you so much for stopping by and say hi.
 Big hug for you all,


Carl@ said...

que lindo hacer un proyecto nuevo!! Me gusta la idea

Sabrina's Creations said...

Siii la verdad que si Carla es re lindo explorar en lo que es projectos de tejidos nuevos, me encanta.