Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I need to talk

It's almost 10:00pm and I really feel like posting. Why because my heart is feeling achy, because I was knitting and some tears were dropping on my knitting, because is so much going on in my life right now that is over whelming, and because one more time words are coming out of my pores and I need to write. Is this what a writer feels?
Well tonight my heart is saying write Sabrina write as fast as you can, and that's what I am doing.
I was knitting my sweater, god knows that this sweater is feeling, me, my hands, my heart, my fears, and my passions. Tonight I can say that knitting is my therapy, tonight I can say that sometimes it keeps me sane.
This sweater is my own interpretation of what  Jane Austin would knit, (at least that was my idea). The problem is that now it turned out to be that plus my own interpretation of including knitting in difficult times.
Even though sometimes I am thinking a million things at the same time and my mood is not the best all my stitches are more even than ever! My knitting tension is perfect!
I called this cardigan :                             Hay amor, amor cardigan.

           This particular stitch has a lot of meaning to me, call me crazy if you want I don't care.                                        
This is how is coming out so far, I like it. The yarn it's just the regular Lion Brand acrylic yarn (I got it on sale $.021 a skein) because god knows that I like good yarn, but at this moment I am broke, so I use whatever I have and I can afford; It knits well is warm and is usable.
Ladies, tonight  I needed a escape and so I came here. It's that the right thing to do? I don't know, but I feel better.
Good night, and many hugs for you.

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