Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You are invited!

Yay!I finally took the courage to go out there and show what I make! It's going to be my first time showing on public some of my creations! I'm so nervous and happy at the same time, I can't explain!
I hope that if you go and see me out there please come to say hi! I will be thrilled! Tell me where do you know me from.

Date: This Saturday October 25th
Time: from 10:00am to 2:00pm
Fair Location: Lake Ridge Craft Fair
12350 Oakwood, Lake Ridge, VA 22192 US
My booth is No:8

I hope you can make it!
I wonder how many people that come to visit my blog leaves close to me? Come come to say hi!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering and Knitting

Today is a very special date, another anniversary for September 11th, all my love and prayers for the victims.


I have to say that I love knitting everyday a little more, now is turning an addiction, which I don't have many so it's OK. The only addiction that I had was smoking and chocolates, well I quit smoking a month ago, so now I'm just addictive to chocolate and knitting! They are healthy addiction, right??
Well, so yesterday I started to knit the February lady Sweater, by flinknits. Since the first day that I saw it I couldn't resist, and here I am, knitting it!
So far is coming great , the yarn that I pick to knit it is Debbie Bliss Silky alpaca, is really soft and light. I'm using Addi turbo circular needles for the first time, and I'm loving them.
I will post pictures of the progress later.

I also started last week a bulky vest. It's looking really nice, I love how the yarn combines together. I'm using yarn from Lion Brand called Landscapes, is really soft, and it can be felt but I won't do that.
Here is a picture of how my vest is looking so far.

I'm really pleased with the colors!

I'm writing down the pattern so I can share with you all.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lady bug hat is back!

Because a lot of people like it I decided to make it again. This hat is full of pompoms and is the good luck hat, as people in my town say, lady bug are the good luck bugs!

I hope you like it!

This lady bug hat is on sale at my Etsy shop My tinyworld

My Blythe Luna loves to model hats!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Three cute mini cardigans!

Hi there I know that I been lost for so long, it's just that I'm so busy that have no time. This passed weekend I have been knitting and I finished some new creations for Blythe dolls.
here are some pics!
I love green cardigan! for sale at My Tiny world shop

Etsy My Tiny World

Candy Candy Cardigan
For sale at My Tiny World shop

Yiyi Cardigan For sale at My Tiny World shop

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is what I have!

Hi there this days are being difficult, I have been super busy trying to keep up with everything in my life! Where do I find peace? When I create! because my mind floats and is free imagination time!

This is what I have been doing lately!
This beautiful lace dress is on sale at my shop!!

The dress comes with a delicate cape to combine.

I also have chairs on Sale until July 4Th!!!
On sale at my Etsy shop!

and finally I made a couple of Bed set for the dollies! They need to be comfy and cozy too!

This is the first one, I called it Violet hearts Bed set!

This one is another Bed set that I called Ladybug bed set!

This one is my favorite! because I used a special Japanese fabric for the cover and sheets! It looks adorable! I called this set
"The Hedgehog bed Set",This set is also on sale at my Etsy shop!

I hope you like it! I love to create for Blythe dolls and every piece that I make is make with love and dedication! If you have any questions about any of my work please feel free to email me, I will be more that Happy to help you.
I hope everybody has a great week!

Monday, June 2, 2008

After a long time I'm back!

Well, after a long disappearing time I’m back again.
I’ve been lost, I know and I hope it doesn’t happen again. I have been knitting quite a lot, but in whole new way. I’m into miniatures now. Yess! I love it! The thing was that like a few months ago I got my first doll, a Blythe doll. I didn’t buy it; I got as part of a payment for a custom job for a client. Well since I like challenges I decided to enter to this new world. At first I glad no a clue about knitting miniatures, I had to learn about sizes, needles, what tape of yarn and all that. Then I decided to go online to find some patterns, well let me tell you that for knitting patterns t\you can hardly can find anything for that specific doll. So I had to invented and played with my yarn and needles until I found what I was looking for. And now I understand why nobody wants to share the patterns, and I have to say I’m not sharing either, at least for now.
Well this is what I’ve knitted so far:

This one was the first one of this season!

I also made a little origami box for it! So cute!

This is a little raglan top I started from the neck so no seems are left to sew!! besides it fit her perfectly.

I loved making this pair of slippers I made a tiny origami box for them to have.

Here they are next to a coin so you can actually see how tiny they are!

So because of all these creations I decided to open a little Etsy store called Tiny world where I sell only doll clothes and furniture, I didn’t want to mix it with my original store “Sabrina Creations”, which I have to say it I have to pick up because I don’t have a lot of new items. I do still sewing for some clients outside Etsy though, for example I sold 3 purses last Saturday I was so happy!

Whenever she(Luna my Blythe doll)finishes washing her clothes she uses these pins to hang the clothes outside!

In reference to my personal life my hubby and I are doing fine, we are still trying for a baby, hopefully some day it will come. In reference to trying to conceive I was getting obsessed with it, so I stop myself and I now I try not to think about it, so I keep my mind busy with other activities like creating. Knitting is like a therapy for me. So will see what happens.
I have to be honest with you, I really missed not posting on this blog; I’m glad that I’m back.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I hope today everybody gets enough love!
I just love to celebrate Valentine's Day.
All you need is love, love is all you need! Right?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I just love to knit!!!

I had a great weekend! I got the chance to used my gift certificate for Tranquality Spa ( hubby got this for Christmas)!! It was so so nice!! I had a really nice and relaxing time. I needed it.
I also worked on two hats that my sister's friend order for hertwo girls. One had to be purple and the other one had to be baby blue.
I finally finished them on Sunday, and give her to my friend that same day. We all gat together in my friend Cici's house for super ball, had a great time.

Purple hat for one of the girls!

I made this brooch to go with it.

This one is the baby blue hat

I also made a brooch for this hat as well.

I just love to knit, but I discovered that I don't like to knit under preassure.
I think that my next proyect is going to be an Amigurumi for my mom!! She loves them and I haven't made one for her yet.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So happy about the results!

I made this cute cardigan or sweater for Baby Angelina, she my friend’s baby. She is not in this world yet, but she is coming this March.

I love to make this tiny sweater it was a lot of fun. When I finished it I thought it was missing something, it was so lonely, so I made a tiny pink hat, which looks adorable.
Pattern: my own
Yarn: Bernat
Color: Baby pink
Needles: US 4.

The same yarn, needles and stitch were used for the hat.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What a nice weekend I just had! I did everything that I wanted to do. I think I love Saturdays and I don’t like at all Sundays, if you ask me way I would say because I don’t like football! Hehehe. But it’s not only for that it’s just that Sunday’s are boring. I have to admit that since I started creating and knitting things, it’s gotten a lot better. This weekend we had people over and I made some pizzas they were delicious! I was so proud of myself; it’s nice the feeling when you cook and everybody likes it! Sunday I went to my husband job for brunch and ate way too much, but it was so good! Then after that we went to my friends’ house and drink some mate (Argentina’s national drink) with cake.
When I got home after that I felt in a great mood to create and it was there when I made some lovely Valentine's Day gifts for my shop!

By request I can make the Heart Brooch in different colors just email me or ask me, and I show you the colors that I have.
I just thought that made a really cute gift for someone you love!
for sale at my shop
I also was inspired enough to make a nice hand knit Hat, super warm it covers your ears perfectly. I made this hat with Argentinian yarn, half wood half acrylic. It's very soft. The flower brooch on the hat is totally removable, so you can use it in the perfect occasion.
for sale at my shop

Well I have to go to keep creating now!
I just want to say Try to be as happy as you can, and try to laugh everyday a little bit more!
(and just in case you're wondering? yes the one in the picture is me!))

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Violet the mischievous little rabbit!

I would like to present you my latest creation on Amigurumis,
her name is Violet, she is a mischievous little rabbit who loves Spring time. Vilolet goes crazy when she sees a butterfly, she likes to play with them and just be happy.
Violet was handmade by me, I crocheted her body and long ears, and I made her face with fleece. If you are interested on her please visit my Etsy shop. I would like her to be adopted by somebody who would care about her.She will only bring joy on your life.
I do not recommend her for little kids because of her nose and eyes.
Violet says Hi Everybody!
For sell at my shop

So far so good!

I hope that everybody has started the New Year with lots of happiness!!
I had a great new years’ Eve. We went to my best friend party, She and her husband made a fun 80’ party! It was great, we had bunch of fun. My husband had to dress me because I had no clue about the 80’ fashion; well I’ve born in 1979 so I was pretty young in the 80’. My hubby lovess the 80’ he knows everything about it! Incredible.

Well as I might have said before I made lot of cute little presents for my girlfriends. I love to make stuff for other people. One of my friends was so exited about the gift I was thrilled.
I made a purple hat for Rona, with a nice flower as a pin, I also made a hat and scarf for Amy and a cream hat for Alexis, and finally for my best friend I made a Tote bag for her books (she is a teacher).
I was so happy they loved them!! It’s so nice to see the reaction on people’s faces when they open a gift that you have made. When I saw Rona’s expression on her face I was speechless, she said “ Oh my gosh, yess! And it’s purple!! And she had this big smile on her face!So far I only have like 2 pictures od the gifts, I'm going to publish the other ones later. The pictures don't look good because the lack of light, they were taken like 3:00am at the party, so I can't expect much. I wish I would have taken the picuters before wrapping them. They look so much better in person believe me.

I have to say that the most difficult present that I have ever made was my hubby’s scarf and hat(pictures are coming soon), well the hat wasn’t difficult, but the scarf oh boy! I finished it ON January 5th just on time for Los Reyes magos; it’s a holiday that we celebrate in my hometown. You are suppose to live your shoes and a boll with water and some grass for the camels under the Christmas tree and next morning the water and grass will be gone and on your shoes you are going to find a nice present something that you wanted. Well my hubby loved his gift. I was so so happy that all my effort and time were appreciated by a big smile on his face and huge hug! I love my hubby with my whole heart!
I have some picture to show but I’m shy, hehehe, so I still thinking about publish them or not? Well what that h… I will do it.

And finally I would like to say that I love my life and I really happy to share it!