Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Abigail's Cardigan

In the mean while I had to knit something cute and tiny for somebody special and beautiful!
Here is a little gift I made for my husband's coworker's baby Abigail! I choose a very cute pattern called
Well, the truth that I bought this yarn  a long time ago. I could never find the right project for it. Finally one day I came across this pattern and I loved it! Unfortunately, I had to make some modifications on the pattern since I didn't have enough yarn (but I really really wanted to use this yarn), but it came out pretty, don't you think? Colors of Candy and Rainbow together ideal for a little girl!

Becky ,the mom (she is very sweet) loved  it and as soon as my husband gave to her she sent me a beautiful thank you text and that same day in the evening  I received a pic of baby Abigail wearing the cardigan!
Too cute! I was so glad to see that the size was perfect!
Baby's Lace Cardigan by Stefanie Japel

Love buttons!

Baby Abigail!The cutest model!
Have a great week!
Hugs to you

Friday, September 14, 2012

I am an ambitious knitter

Sylvi by Mari Muinonen

There is one pattern that I love since the first moment I saw it and because I was intimidated by its difficulty and length it has been sitting in my queue for a very long time. Yes I am talking about Sylvi coat! What a beautiful and ambitious pattern!
Well, last week I ordered the yarn to start knitting this pattern. I waited for 5 days to receive the package with the yarn and I finally got it like two days ago.
My needles are on fire! My Sylvi is in progress and I love it.
For the yarn I picked the Cascade Eco+ on a plum color, and I tell why I choose the yarn: well, first of all because is 100% wool and is going to be warm for winter and second because the price was great $19 for 478 yard of bulky yarn per skein. Not bad ha!

It’s true, I became and ambitious knitter. I like complicated projects now, and this one is going to take me a while, and because I just couldn’t resist I started knitting the back first… Surprisingly is not as complicated as it seems which is good.
I’ll be taking pics, so you can see.

Have a great weekend,
Many hugs for you


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Leftie is finished!

Happy face!

Having this past long weekend gave me enough time not only to finish my knitting project but also to take pictures of it so you can see it.
Finally my Leftie is out of the needles! And I -LO-VE- IT!!! It came out just perfect, because the colors matched beautifully. I have to confessed that knitting garter stitch is not my favorite, because after a while it gets boring, so basically I had to make myself think about the final results to keep going and that’s how I got trough all the garter stitch part. Making the leaves was fun and after making a couple of them I got use to it and I didn’t need to fallow the pattern anymore. I made a total of 22 leaves and for my neck size it was plenty, because I am able to wrap it all around without a problem. You can find this project raveled here.
My Leftie Shawl

 All I have to say about this pattern is that is really easy and well explain and that the result is just beautiful. I highly recommend it!
It’s going to be hard to wait for cooler days to be able to use it, I can’t wait!

Now, well I am just looking for the next project, I can’t decide tough, maybe I just should find the right yarn for my Sylvi. I have to have a Sylvi!

Hugs to you