Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knitting and Summer time

Knitting and hot weather don’t match! It’s been difficult for me to concentrate on knitting when outside it’s about 101 degrees being the real feel 109!
Of course, Summer time it’s always difficult for me to focus on knitting, I love to be out on the water, swimming and socializing. Yesterday I meant to work on my Owls sweater, but we were invited to a pool party for lunch, so honestly the thoughts of temptation about the first splash of the season and being out with my hubby and friends  was stronger than the knitting, and I gave up the knitting moment that I had forcedly created, put everything away and went to get ready for the pool! It was so much fun!
We had  such a good time with dear friends, good food, and drinks and a pool! It was a really a beautiful day to be at the pool hanging out with my dearest people!!
After spending almost all the afternoon at my friend’s pool party, when we got home we were so tired that without wanting, we both passed out on the couch, ending in an unexpected long nap (it felt so good though)!
Finally after dinner I sat down on my couch, and while chilling with my hubby I manage to finish the second sleeve for my sweater, Yay! After all mission accomplished!
It was a great weekend, full of happy moments and romance! 
Love summer time, it makes me feel happy!
This morning I thought: Well, this evening I’ll put all my sweater all together, and I’ll start knitting a couple of rows…(that’s what I thought) My husband called me and said that this afternoon we have to go to my best friends house because it’s his son’s birthday, (we were there yesterday celebrating, they are the ones with the pool!)… Oh my…having fun outdoors wins again! We are going to a pool party again tonight!!!! We will be having a great time again, with a barbeque and swimming at night! The temperature today is 97, with a real feel of 105!
Question: DO you think that after leaving my house around 7:00pm and having a great time at the party when I come back home around 10:00pm I will feel like knitting? I don’t even know!

You guys enjoy the outdoors, life is beautiful and as much as I love to knit I also love to move around and have fun activities and visit friends and spend time with my hubby, so sometimes knitting has to wait, especially on Summer time!

Today I send you a free summer hug!
Happy knitting and enjoy life

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