Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knitting and Summer time

Knitting and hot weather don’t match! It’s been difficult for me to concentrate on knitting when outside it’s about 101 degrees being the real feel 109!
Of course, Summer time it’s always difficult for me to focus on knitting, I love to be out on the water, swimming and socializing. Yesterday I meant to work on my Owls sweater, but we were invited to a pool party for lunch, so honestly the thoughts of temptation about the first splash of the season and being out with my hubby and friends  was stronger than the knitting, and I gave up the knitting moment that I had forcedly created, put everything away and went to get ready for the pool! It was so much fun!
We had  such a good time with dear friends, good food, and drinks and a pool! It was a really a beautiful day to be at the pool hanging out with my dearest people!!
After spending almost all the afternoon at my friend’s pool party, when we got home we were so tired that without wanting, we both passed out on the couch, ending in an unexpected long nap (it felt so good though)!
Finally after dinner I sat down on my couch, and while chilling with my hubby I manage to finish the second sleeve for my sweater, Yay! After all mission accomplished!
It was a great weekend, full of happy moments and romance! 
Love summer time, it makes me feel happy!
This morning I thought: Well, this evening I’ll put all my sweater all together, and I’ll start knitting a couple of rows…(that’s what I thought) My husband called me and said that this afternoon we have to go to my best friends house because it’s his son’s birthday, (we were there yesterday celebrating, they are the ones with the pool!)… Oh my…having fun outdoors wins again! We are going to a pool party again tonight!!!! We will be having a great time again, with a barbeque and swimming at night! The temperature today is 97, with a real feel of 105!
Question: DO you think that after leaving my house around 7:00pm and having a great time at the party when I come back home around 10:00pm I will feel like knitting? I don’t even know!

You guys enjoy the outdoors, life is beautiful and as much as I love to knit I also love to move around and have fun activities and visit friends and spend time with my hubby, so sometimes knitting has to wait, especially on Summer time!

Today I send you a free summer hug!
Happy knitting and enjoy life

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wrong Star Stich, my new Pattern!

Wrong Star Hat By Sabrina F. Santa Cruz
This is what I have worked on for a while, I hope you like it! It was my secret project, I'm not use to write the patterns, so that's why sometimes it takes me a while to publish one.
I love this stitch pattern, it's so much fun! I made it one day playing with yarn, I would like to say that I invented it, but I am not sure of that yet. They are so many stitches out there.
If you would like to get this pattern please visit my Etsy shop at Sabrina Creations, 
You can also always find me at Ravelry for more details.

Happy Knitting to you all!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stitch markers

I love these ones!
Why are cute stitch markers so expensive? I went to see what they have on Etsy and I was like Hell noooo! They are so expensive! I know they are handmade and it takes time and creativity, but I think it’s a little too much.
Well, the thing about the Stitch markers (SM) and me is that I loose them all the time, (exactly the same happens with my hair pins.). They appeared on my couch, between the pillows, in my office, on my bags, sometimes on my purse. They go everywhere. So imagine this, if I expend $$ en SM and then I loose them, it’s no going to be fun! I have some SM that were made for me, I think I had a total of like 10 and now I have like 3! Where did they go?
I know that there are some professional knitters that don’t even need to use them, but I will be lost without them. Specially if I am working on a sweater or a complicated pattern!
Now what I am using now are the plastic basic ones, they are OK, but they are not fun. So, I was thinking that sometime this weekend I should start making a couple of sets for myself to use on my knitting. I have all the tools and beads to do it, so why not? And besides I now what NOT to do when making them. I noticed that there are some people who are not knitters and they make SM for sale and they way they make them basically sucks, because they get tangle on the yarn, they pull the stitches, or maybe they are way to long. It’s not just about making a stitch markers, it’s about knowing what a knitter wants and what’s good for your yarn.
The question is do you use Stitch markers? Do you care what do they look like?

Update: I started the Owls sweater again! No, I am not crazy, I believe in perseverance! So, I almost finish the body!
Today I bought some Amazing yarn from Lion Brand, the color is amazing! I want to make the Saroyan shawl by Liz Abinante. It looks so beautiful!

Time for me to go, I got to get back to work!
I want to thank you for being there for me, big hug for you and
Happy knitting!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Cloud Bolero II

A while ago, I made a Cloud Bolero from one of the Ysolda's patterns. It was gray.
Today I wanted to tell you that I love this pattern so much that I had to make me another one, and so I did. I finished this little bolero last December. It's just that I've never took pictures of it. So at the beginning of this week I decided that it was time to take some pictures and share my final project with you. The pattern it's so much fun and it knits up super fast. The first one I made was like the pattern really I made it short and sewed a button at the middle on the bolero. When I started making the second one I decided to make it a little longer so I can use it with my leggings. I love the way it came out! I like it better than the first one I made. In reference to the yarn I just used the Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, really price convenient and easy to take care of, and when your wallet it's hurting it's ideal! I put this pattern also in Ravelry
Sabrina's Cloud Bolero II

Love this pattern!

with jeans will look better

I love this ribbon!

I hope you like it, it’s always nice when people like what you make, it makes me smile!

Update: I am currently working on my Owls sweater, this time is coming out bigger, and I almost finish knitting the body.
Hugs for you and thank you for stopping by!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Owls Sweater is finished

Well yesterday I posted about my finished sweater, but today my post it's gone! I think blogger is having problems with the servers. So they erased all the posts from yesterday!!!
So here I'm going to post again about the same thing my Owls sweater. This time I am not going to say much, I will just show you the pics and I would like to say that the pattern is great, I really enjoy knitting this sweater, it's easy to fallow and it knits up quite fast. It's my fault that I made it to tight, I didn't make a swatch! upsss.
So I decided that I'll do it again. I'll rip it all off and I'll start all over again! You can see all my notes here at Ravelry
 Here are the pics of my finished Owl Sweater by Kate

My Owls Sweater (happy-sad)

back of my sweater

So this is how my sweater looked like, I truly loved it. It was just too bad that It was so tight. And when I said "it was" I meant that I've already ripped it out.
Last night I put some new stitches on my needles to start all over again.
Patience, patience and more patience, that's what a knitter needs the most.
Hugs for you, have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The results of my Owls sweater

Here I recollect all the pictures that I've taken in the process of making this beautiful sweater. As I said before I will have to rip it and fix it. Now that I've assimilated the situation it's not a big deal. This things happen sometimes. Before taken it apart I wanted to show you everything.
So here we go:

So happy to start

Wau I already knitted all this!
I love the look of it!
Disappointment,too tight
The shaping of the back looks good
So this is what it was like, all the stages that I went through while knitting this sweater.
I have to tell you that I feel very proud that I finished it!
Complete notes on my Ravelry
and start over is not that bad, I like knitting so I will enjoy it again!
Hugs to you my friends!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first PDF pattern!

In the mean while I needed something new to cheer me up a little, and that’s why I spent lots of hour working on a new pattern. Yes a new pattern, but not for me or for any adults or humans for that matter. The pattern that I worked on it’s for Blythe dolls, a miniature pattern.
 You see, I’ve never actually sold a pattern before except the one hat that went to the Knitting a day calendar, but that I actually wasn’t a sell was more like a contest.
So I decided to write down the pattern for one of the cardigans and I put in Ravelry and you can buy it through one of my Esty shop My TinyWorld.
So far so good. It feels great knowing that people that you don’t know would like to make your designs; it’s a happy feeling.

Here I present to you my first PDF pattern for sale!
                                                                For sale at My Tiny World
PDF Pattern for a Colorful  cardigan for Blythe doll
 Thank you so much for stopping by, and remember that I like to share my happy moments with you
Big happy hug for you today!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My sweater is finished but with tears!

Oh my! Were do I start. Remember that I was knitting the Owls sweater? You do, well I finished it! It came out beautifully except for the little detail that is that the armpits are soooooo tight!! I feel so disappointed! You see I followed every single instruction I even made the sweater a size bigger than mine, but still to small. The thing is that the whole sweater fits me like a glove except for the under arm, so tight that if I keep it like this, I won’t be able to wear anything under it. Nop, no my type, I like it tight but not that tight! I feel like my owls are going to explode in any minute!
 So this is what I am going to do. I will get home, I will take a picture of the sweater and me, I will show it to you, and then I’m going to unravel it and I’ll start all over again!
And this time I’ll go for the 40”.
So yes, I’m very mad at the sweater and myself because I put a lot of work on it, for nothing, and it wasn’t like I was not trying it on while I was knitting, I tried it on  a million times, until I started making the owls.
Oh well it’s nothing that I can do except start all over again and make perfect this time.

I'll show it to you later on so you can see that I’m not lying.

Many hugs to you, and I do accept hugs today! I need them! hahaha


PS: Yesterday I was finally able to update all my finished projects on my Ravelry you can find me as Sabrina F. Santa Cruz like a designer or as Sabry like a member.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sharing knitting memories

Pink pancitos baby cardigan

A while ago I knitted a little cardigan for my friend Naty's first baby Angelina. I don’t remember sharing this pattern on this blog, so I decided to talk about this little cardigan again.
The pattern is half in Spanish and half invented or improvised by me. I wrote the pattern somewhere, like the way you write when you know that is only you who is going to read it. I always thought about writing the pattern all-nice and in English, but I never did. Yesterday I was looking at my Ravelry projects and I saw that two people had asked me for the pattern saying that they would love to knit it. I thought for a while about this, about how lazy I get sometimes on my knitting, about how good could I really be if I could pay more attention to details? I came to a conclusion, from now on I'll write down everything relating to my knitting, I'll try to make more patterns to share. I'll get more accurate on my knitting, because I like it, because it's what I love to do! And my dream is to one day become a professional knitter.
Angelina was born as preemie baby and this cardigan was made for 3 to 6 month, so when her mom tried on
 The cardigan on Angie it was so big that it covered almost her whole legs! But when she turned 3 month she was able to use it and she used it until she was 7 month old. My friend is still having the cardigan. The yarn I used was perfect for super washing. I would use it again.

Update: yesterday I finished my first sleeve for the Owl sweater! The sleeve came out so perfect; I was happy, proud of my work. You see I'm not very good at knitting with DPN, I'm a lot slower, but this time I was able to finish it in one afternoon! And I love the way the increase looks, so neat and precise.
I'll show the progress later when I get home.
Today it's rainy and I just wish I could be home, hanging with my husband and knitting!
I send you a nice fat hug, one of those the one needs time to time to keep going.