Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grey but Happy

Today is a very grey day here in Woodbridge, but it's has been grey for 3 days now. It's funny because even though the weather is bad and the days are grey I feel happy and in peace.
I have been knitting for my Blythe doll this week, I had some customers asking me to start creating again so I did. But I need to be honest here and tell you that i love to knit for these dolls it's so much fun! You can make go your imagination so far and create cute little things!

I also finish my cardigan the one a started with this very thing yarn I will post pictures of it really soon.

I don't have much to say today I am going to enjoy my weekend and please if you want to come and check my work for miniatures you may do so visiting My Tiny World

Now lets leave the computer and lets go enjoy the day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometimes love is real, this is one of them

When I called to my parent’s house today, my mom answered the phone; she told me that yesterday she had to come home rushing from work because my dad called her saying that he was not feeling well. She said that when she got home, she saw my dad alone and lonely.  As soon as my dad saw that she came for him he started to feel better. By dinnertime he was feeling even better.

My mom said that she thought and felt that my dad was feeling too lonely (my mom works long hours and because dad is diabetic he stays home all the time) so that was the main reason why he called her. She sat with him drink some tea, talked, and they both felt better.
Later on I called again to talked to him, and when I asked him how he was feeling he said, OK now. “And what happened yesterday dad?” I asked, he simply said “ mmm I had a stomach ache and and…I just missed your mother so much and I wanted her to come home, maaa que tanto. So I called her That’s OK right?” I said, of course it is OK.

What it really touches me the most it’s that they have been married for 33 years now, and they love each other as the first year of marriage. My mother is everything for my father, but I mean EVERYTHING, and my mom will do whatever it takes to take care of him, they can’t be apart.
While I’m writing this tears come from my eyes. I wish and hope my marriage will last so long and so full of love. Real love it’s hard to find these days, but this example feeds my soul and I love my husband so much that sometimes I surprise of how big love could be!
I just wanted to share a very important part of my life.
Love… all you need is love, la la la la!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Today is November 3rd and it's my dad's Birthday!!! I wish I could be with him, but he is in Argentina and I'm here in the US. I have flown for his Birthday twice before! He loved it! But not this year, we are working on something else this time, and my dad is happy with it too! So I wish you the Birthday of you life, lots of happiness, love and even more lots of health!!!! Te Amo papi!

Well I have been knitting my cardigan! I finished knitting now, I only need to the neck part and put it all together! I was thinking about using my sewing machine to do that, any suggestions? I've never tried that before. So we'll see.

There is something I wanted to share with you guys, Sunday afternoon I felt like drinking soup, so I opened my fridge and I pulled all the vegetables that I could find.
This is what it came out with; I mixed butter squash, sweet potato, zucchini, and beats, chicken broth, some soup noodles and maizena! After they boiled and cooked I took it all the veggies put them on the blender and made them pure.
Wauu what a bloody soup! Perfect for Halloween week! It was red!!! Like blood! hahaha but delicious!
Because of its color and texture I decided to call it the Halloween bloody soup!
Please if you would like the recipe let me know it was DELICIOUS!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend and Pictures of the Girly Redskins hat!

Remember that last time I told you that I was going to the Redskins Game? Well here are the pictures! Well I have to tell you that my hubby and I decided to take the hat I made to the game, so we could take pictures at the stadium! And so we did. We had a blast! I have a really nice picture of my hubby and me but since it’s in his camera some day he is going to download it and I'll posted.
Today I select the best pictures for the hat and send them to the Knitting Calendar!
Oh one thing!!!! Can you see the guy wearing a custom kinda next to me? He is like a legend at the stadium! He is always there, it's like a "must see" if you go to one of the Redskins games.

Well last Saturday; I had my first Jewelry show! It went very well, I had sales and I was happy. I wish more friends would have come, but they had things to do and they couldn't make it. My Hubby came to the show and he was so proud of me, it felt good! I was proud of myself too! At nighttime we went to my best friend's house because it was his B-day, and he was celebrating, we had drinks, played cards, talked, laughed and planned, we got to see all our friends at the party. We had a great time! We went to bed at 2:30am!!!!!

Sunday, mmmmm it was so relaxing! I slept in until 10:30AM!! And then just chilled, watching the games and hanging out with hubby, drinking mate and knitting!

It was a great weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy and easy

The weekend was very nice, I got to go to the Redskins game and, even though I'm not a fan, I enjoyed the game. My husband and I had a great time, spending time together make us always happy. After the game we went to eat a hamburger at my favorite place Johnny Rockets! mmm soo good, but very evil food!
Yesterday, it was mother's day in Argentina, so I called my mom and wished her all the best and send her a nice big fat present and she loved it! I think that nothing in the entire world is enough to express all we feel for our mothers, and I told her that too. I wished I were there with her to give her a bear hug!
Saturday, mmm In the morning I went to delivered the hats with my husband, then he had to go to work, so I decided to go to my friend Cheli's house to drink so mate and to chat. Because Cheli is my mother's in law friend as well we went together. We had a great time! I thought Cheli how to crochet a flower, and she loved it!

I will put some pictures later on.

Drinking Organic green tea, eating a kiwi a day, and trying to eat as healthy as possible. Water levels are really good, drinking about 7 to 8 glasses a day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The weekend is almost here!

I was a really busy day yesterday. A soon as I got home I sat down at the kitchen with my mother in law, (hubby was working) sipped some MATE (yummy. Typical drink from my country) and started crocheting flowers like crazy! We needed 40 and we accomplished 36. We were so tired! It took us from 6:00 pm to 9pm to finish them all. All those flowers were for the hats that I have to deliver on Saturday morning to the shoe store called Shoe Fly. Today, I have to attach the flower to the pins and to the hats, but that’s easy!

Well, let’s talk about something more fun, like Plans for the weekend!
Saturday, having friends over, they are probably sleepping over because on Sunday we have free tickets to go see the Redskins! I know none of us is a Redskins fan either but hey we have FREE tickets for a game!! So we are going, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Well have a great weekend; I’m off to start enjoying my free time!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A year later

After a very long time without touching my blog, I decided that it was time to come back.
I have been really busy, knitting, making jewelry and taking care of just daily life.
I have a fat order of hat to deliver on Saturday a total of 54 hats total for a shoe store that love my hats and the owner likes to sell them there. I love to see my hats on those shelves; I can’t believe that people that I don’t know love them! I feel really good.

New hobby

A while ago I started feeling itchy about making jewelry, I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to add another hobby to my life or not and I finally one day I went to the store I got the tools and I started making jewelry. I like the feeling of making my own jewelry, like if I am going to wear something and I don’t have jewelry to go with, well I just make some! Ha. Well One day I went to my husband’s restaurant and the owner there felt in love with some of my creations, and she proposed me to make a jewelry show at her restaurant! I was so thrilled! I couldn’t believe it! So this show is going to happen at City Square Café on October 24th, 2009. Will see how it goes!

Well, I have on my needles a beautiful baby blue cardigan, I already finished the front and the back and now I’m knitting the sleeves (together) and they are taking forever!!!!!
Hopefully with some luck I can finish some time next week. I would love to use it for the jewelry show.
The other day I did something really exciting; I submitted a knitting pattern to the Knitting Calendar! And they accepted it, so one of my patterns is going to be on the 2011 calendar!
I promised not to disappear again; I will be around this time.