Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everybody!!! better late than never right? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day!
I know that I've disappeared for quite a long time, I have not excuses. My Christmas was wonderful; we had a really good time. My husband made me lots of nice presents; he really knew what I wanted.
I got a memory foam pillow (I’ve wanted this pillow forever,
I have to say that is so good and comfortable, if you have neck or back problem this pillow make all the pain go away, unless in my case. He also got for me a gift certificate for Tranquility Spa! (MMMM I can wait to go! a pizza roller for cutting the pizza (see I make pizza almost every weekend, he loves my pizza, and when the cutting time comes I used to say that I needed one, so here it is!)
My hubby really surprised me when I opened one of the last presents and it was a gift certificate for Old Town Manassas Needle Crafts Shop, saying that I can buy all the yarn that I wanted!!! He is a sweetheart, my sweetheart. It was so funny because he said " My intention was to pick and buy some yarn for you, but when I saw all the different kinds I didn't know what to choose!" he is so so sweet, just the fact that he went over there and thought of me and tried to pick some yarn for me that is just to sweet. Don't you think? I like the fact that he really knows what I'm into, what I like to do. And you should see the cute card that he got for me! It's so funny and cute at the same time.
I'm just 100% happy at his side.

I also want to say that yesterday I finally finished my green vest!!! Yay!! I'm so proud of it; it came out just the way that I wanted. I'm going to take some pictures soon.

Since my friends my husband and me are exchanging Christmas presents on New Year's Eve I am finishing up lots of presents that I made for my friends. I made hats, scarfs, one big tote bag, and little sachet bags to put the presents in. I hope they like it.

Well I think I'm going to let myself go back to work.
I'll be uploading the pictures really soon.

I love my husband with all my heart!
We have been together for almost 6 years, and I still feeling butterflies on my belly when I'm with him!

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