Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is the sweet Sophie

All this week I have been working a lot, creating different things. At this moment I’m working in two amigurumis, this time I’m trying new kinds of yarn. The idea is to create a really fuzzy one, but it’s so hard to crochet with fuzzy yarn. Surprisingly, this project is coming along really well; hopefully I will be finishing it by the end of this week. Oh gosh I love making Amigurumis!!!! Talking about them, so far I have sold a total of three already! The first one was Sophie the sweet sheep, the second one was Teresa the tiny bear, and third one was Romina.

I think her face is really sweet. When I'm inspired everything comes out so easy. I loved Teresa, she is in a nice home now.
When I made Tere I was inspired by love and sweet simple things,that's why she is such a happy toy full of positive energy.

Well I have to admit I love to create amigurumis I think that they are super cute and you have to think a lot make them different and unique.
If you make amigurumis plase write to me letting me know where I can see your work!! I love to see different amigurumis.

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