Thursday, December 27, 2007



I always thought that starting a new year with positive spirit and energy brings lot of good augury. There are some people that received new years on bed or they don’t even wait for it. I am the kind of person that really needs to be ready and happy to receive a new year. So I have decided to share with you some tips that are fun to do and they make me feel happy.
Tips for receiving New Year 2008
# As soon as you wake up on the 31st tried to clean your aura (I know that a lot of people don’t believe in it, but I do) do it with love, thinking that you are taking away of your body all the negative energy, if you are ill think about your illness and while you clean your aura try to think that you are taking away the illness away from your body. Just focus on living good feelings and positive energy. Your mind state should be strong positive and in peace.
# Think about yourself for a minute, no matter how you look, love yourself. The idea is to feel strong from the inside out, so in that way all left is positive thoughts and positive energy.
#Clean out your house, make it smell good.
#Sweep or vacuum from the inside out, always finishing on the door, like sweeping everything out.
#Take out all the clutter. Clutter is not good for your home, especially in your bedroom. It keeps all the bad energy and it doesn’t let you move on. (That’s what I think).
Change your sheets, so you can actually received New Year on a clean full of positive energy bed!
#Make your bed.
#When you finish all that, your house it’s going to feel lighter and more welcoming, now what you are really feeling is taking care of yourself, so
#Take a nice shower, feel the water coming down, massage your leg, scrub your back and feet. Clean your body starting up like with your head and then going all the way down to your feet, think that the water is taking away from you all that negative energy. Take a deep breath and let go all the negative thoughts, all the things that bother you or those problems that worry you the most, just let go and relax. This is your time.
#Look in the mirror and tell yourself that this New Year everything is going to be ok, and give yourself a big smile.
#Be proud of what you are.
#Get pretty
#Wear something new (it doesn’t matter what it is)
#You are full of positive energy now; good energy is sparkling from your fingers now.
#New year’s Eve: pick a cup o a glass that is not really expensive to make the toast at 12AM. When you are doing that think joyfully and enjoy all the family and friends around you, if your family is in another country just think of them, and your heart would be really happy.
#When you finished try to go outside always taking your glass or cup (the one that you’ve used to toast), with nobody following you, take a deep breath think of three wishes (important ones) take a sip and trough the cup away with all your strength. Feel great about it. Go inside and enjoy the party!

I do these because I believe in it. I believe that good energy is contagious, I think that we have to laugh a lot because is good for your soul, laugh about yourself. Laughing 20 minutes a day make your life longer!!
I hope you really enjoy this tips, and I wish you a really happy new year with lots of peace, health, love and happiness!!!


If you like my tips please let me know, I would love to see that somebody in the world actually read them.


Carl@ said...

Felicidades para vos y tu familia!!
Un cariño desde Argentina

Titina said...

Hola Sabrina, Feliz Año Nuevo!!!. Ya se que sos Argentina, y tengo entendido de Wilde, puede ser?? esta esperando una respuesta tuya, entra a ver su pagina.
Yo soy de Wilde y tengo un blog. Si queres pasar, te invito aunque hace bastante que no publico porque estuve hasta ahora sin internet. Besos