Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sharing knitting memories

Pink pancitos baby cardigan

A while ago I knitted a little cardigan for my friend Naty's first baby Angelina. I don’t remember sharing this pattern on this blog, so I decided to talk about this little cardigan again.
The pattern is half in Spanish and half invented or improvised by me. I wrote the pattern somewhere, like the way you write when you know that is only you who is going to read it. I always thought about writing the pattern all-nice and in English, but I never did. Yesterday I was looking at my Ravelry projects and I saw that two people had asked me for the pattern saying that they would love to knit it. I thought for a while about this, about how lazy I get sometimes on my knitting, about how good could I really be if I could pay more attention to details? I came to a conclusion, from now on I'll write down everything relating to my knitting, I'll try to make more patterns to share. I'll get more accurate on my knitting, because I like it, because it's what I love to do! And my dream is to one day become a professional knitter.
Angelina was born as preemie baby and this cardigan was made for 3 to 6 month, so when her mom tried on
 The cardigan on Angie it was so big that it covered almost her whole legs! But when she turned 3 month she was able to use it and she used it until she was 7 month old. My friend is still having the cardigan. The yarn I used was perfect for super washing. I would use it again.

Update: yesterday I finished my first sleeve for the Owl sweater! The sleeve came out so perfect; I was happy, proud of my work. You see I'm not very good at knitting with DPN, I'm a lot slower, but this time I was able to finish it in one afternoon! And I love the way the increase looks, so neat and precise.
I'll show the progress later when I get home.
Today it's rainy and I just wish I could be home, hanging with my husband and knitting!
I send you a nice fat hug, one of those the one needs time to time to keep going.

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