Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first PDF pattern!

In the mean while I needed something new to cheer me up a little, and that’s why I spent lots of hour working on a new pattern. Yes a new pattern, but not for me or for any adults or humans for that matter. The pattern that I worked on it’s for Blythe dolls, a miniature pattern.
 You see, I’ve never actually sold a pattern before except the one hat that went to the Knitting a day calendar, but that I actually wasn’t a sell was more like a contest.
So I decided to write down the pattern for one of the cardigans and I put in Ravelry and you can buy it through one of my Esty shop My TinyWorld.
So far so good. It feels great knowing that people that you don’t know would like to make your designs; it’s a happy feeling.

Here I present to you my first PDF pattern for sale!
                                                                For sale at My Tiny World
PDF Pattern for a Colorful  cardigan for Blythe doll
 Thank you so much for stopping by, and remember that I like to share my happy moments with you
Big happy hug for you today!


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