Friday, October 15, 2010

Relaxing Friday!

Today is Friday Ladies! We get to relax and start this wonderful weekend. The weather website said that it’s supposed to be cold in the afternoon and night time, ideal for knitting while husband is at work! It will have to be tomorrow for me because luckily my husband is off tonight! So we are going out to have fun!

Last night I finished a hat it looks really nice, I am happy with the results.
Since all I’ve been knitting are hats, I fell like I want to start knitting a sweater or a bolero, something different. The only thing though is that I need yarn and I am broke right know. So I guess I will have to keep knitting small things until next Friday that I get pay, Ha! 
I have this beautiful hand spun soft merino wool mixed , and is approximately 135 yards that I bought I while ago at Etsy, but I don’t know what to make, because is not a lot. Any ideas will be appreciated!

And then I have these yarn that I bought in Argentina on my last trip, I have not clue about what kind of yarn is its, I am thinking silky hand spoon something and I haven’t decided what do I want to do with it either.

Tomorrow I might go visit a good friend of mine because yesterday was her Birthday, she is a wonderful person full of stories and she always makes me laugh. She lives with her sister, who I meet first and I love her like my aunt! Whenever I go to their house they make me feel like home, they make my favorite food, they give me hugs and auntie love. They are on her late 60’, so I am like the tiny one there, you know. So well see.

To finish this post I want to share with you a picture of my girls! Yes I have two doggies, Maggie May (Golden Retriever) and Mia Jam ( a black lab), they are the sweetest dogs and I love them to death. They are hanging out with me all day when I am home. Maggie Loves blankest and Mia Scarves! 
                                                                ☺  Maggie May☺
                                                                   ☺ Mia Jam☺

I hope you have a great weekend and have fun!
Hugs for all my readers!


tamdoll said...

Beautiful yarns. I also buy small amounts of yarns because they're so pretty but I don't know what to do with them. One day I'll try to make some bracelets of fingerless mittens.

Anonymous said...

Diosa, siempre escribis cosas hermosas y las perritas divinas como siempre, te esperamos!!a Betty tambien.
Te quiero
Tia Cheli.