Monday, October 11, 2010

Hats, Hats and more hats!

Hi everybody, this post is going to be all about pictures, yes the ones that I told you last week I was going to take well I finally took them yesterday.

I was working on these projects:
I called this one My first completed Fair Isle hat.I really like the finished results. It took me a lot of patience and concentrations to knit, but It was worst it. Now I have to make a beautiful flower for it.

                                                                       Me Modeling, jijiji

 Pink and Brown Hat
 I truly love this one, it came out great, super girly with the pink. I just love the brown and pink combination.
Since I improvised this pattern I don't have it written down, i guess I should write because two people already asked me for it.

This Hat is very special, because I didn't mean to make like this, but after a few rows the stitch I was suppose to do had nothing to do with the I was doing, but I left it and it came out strange, so for that reason I called this hat "Strange Hat".

 I'm not a fan of the lace stitch, but since i never actually tried one I decided to give it a try this time.Wauu I love it! I was so wrong, this stitch looks so pretty and it's super easy to make!
I call this hat "Lace Hat"


Inspired by fall and Thanks Giving I crated this one, The Thanks Giving Hat, with warm colors and simplicity.

Finally I made a wonderful hat from " Just Hats"


These are my creations, so far. I hope you like them!
Hugs to everybody and happy knitting!

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