Monday, October 18, 2010

I clicked!

I found this cute little bag on sale for $4.99 right next to my work and I am loving it! I can fit a project and I filled the pockets with all the tools. I don’t loose anything anymore! This is unbelievable I can keep everything in one place now.I recommend this little bags they are great and ones you get used to them you won't be able to not have one.

Last night I found a sock that I was knitting long time ago and never finished, well I paid a lot of money for the yarn used on the sock, so i decided to un-knitted and start another par of socks. So well see what it comes out of that project! 
Sharing personal things today.
Today I feel great! I have to share this with you guys, and all this happiness because my mind has finally clicked! Remember that I told you that last Saturday I might go to my friend’s house? Well I went. My friend’s sister has a daughter in law and she was there. She is studying alternative medicine, and we talked a lot. She gave me great advices full natural tips. Talking to her made me realized that I was wrong. She said to me whenever you feel afraid about a situation think the opposite. For example if you are afraid of your dad’s health issues, think about your father holding your baby, think about him playing and enjoying his company. Don’t think negative. She was right!
So when I got home that night I sleep on those words and on picturing all this wonderful things that I would like to see, I felt relieved. I talked to my dad and I told him that I am not scared anymore and that now instead of thinking of him sick and not able to get pregnant, I think of him holding my baby, and you know what he said he gave the sweetest smile and I feel like he was immediately happy.
It’s funny how sometimes somebody that you don’t know tells you something that you already knew, but you couldn’t see, and it takes that person to open your eyes.
I just feel better now, a really negative thought that has been hunting me for a long time is finally gone. Bye Bye stupid thought! And I want to say THANK YOU to Darla for opening my eyes.
Sometimes is good to share personal thoughts and experiences, and today is one of those days.


Anonymous said...

Sabry, que linda la bolsa!, me encanta, muy util para el tejido, me encanto.
Y tambien lo que decis de tu Papa, ya le mande a Darla lo que escribiste para que lo lea.
Besos Tia Cheli

My Tiny World said...

Gracias Cheli! La verdad que es comodisima! Y mi papá anda bien por suerte. Y Que dijo Darla? jajaja