Monday, October 4, 2010

Today is a beautiful day for knitting, rainy, gray, chili, Yes definitely perfect for knitting! Like yesterday afternoon, and that was what I did just knit. You see, with a day like yesterday I feel like watching girly movies and knit cozy and comfortable on my couch. Well my husband worked until 4 pm so I had plenty of time! Saturday I started working on a hat, with Fair Isle technique, sharing only two colors, but doing a complicated pattern. It was a hard pattern because if you got a little distracted you were fried! Un-kit and re-knit again! So it did require a lot of patience. Late in the afternoon my hat was ready, and I was a happy camper, I was extremely happy with the results!
I love the color combination that picked and the pattern itself!
I will be posting pictures later on today so you can see it.
It looks really cute!
This year I decided to take a lot of more risks at knitting, I want to tried difficult patterns and I want to knit me anther sweater. I love the designs on this book Twinkle's Big City Knits: 31 Chunky-Chic Designs, my favorite is the one called
 Rockefeller sweater 
Every time I see this Sweater my hands start to itch, I love it!
I have the patterns, I have the yarn I just need the needles US19 circulars. So we’ll see what happens.

Right know I am working on hats, because I have to have 10 ready in two weeks. I have knitted 5 so far so I am doing OK. You have to see them all! I'll take pictures later on to show you!
Hugs to everybody!

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