Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When you knit, what do you think?

What a beautiful night yesterday, Happy for a lot of families and people, all the miners in Chile started to get rescued! After being in the mine for 2 and a half months! I was so glad for them and their families. So while knitting away I was watching the rescued, wauu I could not believe how tiny the capsule was, but they make it through so that was great!
Happy for them, the second miner said, “ the devil and god were fighting for two month, GOD won the fight! -This sentence makes my eyes watery-.

Well, changing the subject, I wanted to ask you something, when you are knitting do you feel like you have time to think? I do, I think a lot. Yesterday I thought about how fortunate my family and I were. We are healthy! I always think that health is the first thing you need to be happy, because you can have all the money in the world but sometimes is not enough to buy health! Right?
Another thing is that I've been working on a new pattern, new stitch, to send to the knitting contest. I've written the pattern down and today I need to take the pictures. It needs to be ready for Friday. Unfortunately I can't show it to you because you have to keep it secret until the calendar gets published, but it looks so cute!

Last thing I wanted to share was that yesterday when I arrived home a cute and friendly dog came out to say hi! She was adorable, after saying hi she took off. I came outside a few minutes later and there she was jumping up and down came running to say hi again. Then I saw a guy standing there and I asked him if it was his dog and he said no, but another one is here too! Well they were lost! Poor puppies...
I called my husband and told them the story and he called the hospital to see if we could get the owners info. We found out that one of them was named Cleo and the other one Shiva. I went inside and from my deck I heard a lady yelling Cleoooo!!! I felt relived when I heard that.
I run and said to my husband "I think I found the owners!" and run to encounter the lady. She was actually the owner and she felt more relived then me. Well this story has a happy ending and the doggies went home safely and happy for having an adventure. I felt good because we were able to help them.
to all my readers and thank you for stopping by!

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