Friday, December 10, 2010

Romantic get away Weekend!

Today I am wearing my Baltazar Vest. I like it, but I don’t love it. Something about it is not really comfortable, like the under arm is a little  tight, other than that it’s fine. The yarn is really warm, soft and light.
As I said, in one of the post, right now I am working on my second bolero which I am planning to make a little longer so I can use with my leggings, so I guess it woulnd’t be a bolero anymore but a “long-lero” hahaha.
Well I also want to share that I am having a special get away weekend! My husband and I decided to go for a short trip to a City that we haven’t visited yet, so we are going to San Francisco California! We have wanted to go to visit this City for a very long time; we are really excited and anxious! If you know of any special place or yarn shop that you think is a must visit place please let me know, so I don’t miss it!
We like to drive a lot, so we are planning on visiting lots of different places even maybe Reno the biggest smallest city in the world! So we are planning to have a lot of fun, our mini honeymoon!
I promise that I will post beautiful pictures!

Have a great weekend
For all my readers, and I will see you back on Wednesday!

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Siga said...

Oh, too bad to hear that the Baltazar Vest is not that comfy. I've been thinking to knit that one as well. I guess I'd need to keep in mind that certain mods are necessary. Btw, are you on Ravelry?