Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

 I love to receive the New Year, it’s my favorite! I do all kinds of things. I have made clear that I am a very superstitious person. See, if you receive the year ready and in a positive way this are going to go better and easier.
This is hoe my day might be tomorrow:
1-     Cleaning the house is very important! Get rid of clutter, put everything where it belongs. When you vacuum do it from inside to outside like throwing all the dust out the door! You want to keep only all the good vibe, so get rid of all the negativity in the house.
2-     Water is great to collect negative energy; you should put one glass in each room in your house. If you see lots of bubbles on the water it means negative energy, do not drink this water, throw it out the toilet.
3-      Change your sheets and clean all the dust off the furniture.
4-     For yourself: Take a nice long shower scrubbing your body starting for your neck finishing on your feet.
5-     Think positive, don’t think how bad this year was, think all the good moments you had and think next year is going to be better.
6-     When you toast for New Year’s think of a wish from the deep inside your heart.
7-     I like to finish a pending knitting project.

Well these are some of the things I will be doing tomorrow! I know I am crazy! Right? Well this is Sabrina 100%.
To all my readers I wish them a really Happy New Year! I hope 2011 brings lots of health to all our families, union, harmony, peace, happiness, friendship, jobs, and all the simple things that life brings us to make it all better.
A big Hug to you and best wishes!

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