Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knitting makes me relax

Well yesterday when I got home I started my Cloud bolero #2. After casting on a knitted about 2 rows and I decided to stop and called my dad. Well he wasn’t doing very well. He was going to the hospital as soon as my mom arrived.
Imagine me, miles and miles away not being able to help them, I was so nervous and frustrated I hate waiting for answers. I didn’t know what to do. So, I tried to eat some dinner and then I decided that the best way to relax a little bit was making some linden tea and knitting. My husband knows that, so he encouraged me to relax.
Well, it worked I got to relax a little bit until I heard from my brother and everything was fine. Honestly distance socks badly!
Well today everything looks brighter, my dad is doing better, but still we have to keep waiting for the final diagnostic.
Today I was at work and you know I didn’t have much to do, so my mind started to go really fast so I pulled out form my purse a wonderful book about knitting called 

                  “The Knitting Answer book” by Margaret Radcliffe. 

Let me tell you something it is great; it has all kinds of questions and an answer for each of them. While I was reading I felt that a lot of my knitting questions were answer in a complete way. I recommend this book to every knitter that is not an expert yet; of course if you are an expert you already know all the answers. I got this book from the library and read it so fast that is almost over.
Well ladies, I have to go now.
Hugs for everybody and send me a hug back because today I really need it!

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