Monday, December 27, 2010

Knitting with passion

In the middle of the fall I finished a hat for my husband. I picked the colors and the yarn. He has a pretty small head so I needed to make it perfect fit. I used cash merino yarn from Lion brand, super soft and easy to knit. The hat came out nice; he really liked it, although he said it’s just a little tight, but he has been using it everyday because is very warm and he likes how it looks.
I have to confess I feel flatter when he wears my creations! He wears the hats and scarves with such a proud that makes me smile and little hearts start coming out of my eyes when I look at him! hahaha (like the cartoons). I knit with passion when when I knit for him.
 Today I was thinking about him and this cold freezing weather, and I decided that it’s time to be a good wife and making another one. This time I am using Baby Alpaca, so so soft and warm! I’m not going to tell him, it’s going to be a surprise.
All right, so today at my lunchtime I went to the Old Town Needle shop in Manassas, VA. They have a very nice selection of yummy yarns. I looked around and touched a lot of different yarns, until I found just what I was looking for Soft Baby Alpaca DK.
I picked three different colors to combine them, black, light gray and dark gray. I am thinking about making some uneven stripes around. So we’ll see. I want to have this project finish for New Year’s Eve, so can use the new hat at midnight.
As I say before I love to celebrate New Year’s, and I believe that you have to receive the year wearing something new on! So that’s why I want to finish it on time!
Well, tell me do you have any projects that you would like to finish by the
December 31st, 2010? Who are you knitting for?

A big hug for you!

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