Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year, New projects!

Well, Happy New Year for everybody!
This is the first post of the year, for that reason I want to start with something fresh, something new. I want to talk about the Estonian knitting technique and all the fabulous shawls that you can make following this style. I discovered this just the other day, and I was fascinated by it. They use so many different stitches on one piece, so many details to pay attention to. I had to learn how to make the NUPP (Estonian word for bubble), and the lace weight yarn that it looks gorgeous once the project is done, but it’s tedious to work with! Everything looks so complicated and different. I said to myself “ Sabrina… you have to try this, you must try to love lace technique and lace yarn”.
I felt attracted for a new challenge.
They are two shawls that I really like and I plan to make, well one of them is actually a scarf and the other one it’s a shawl.
The scarf is called: Lily of the Valley Estonian Lace Scarf / Estniska liljekonvaljer by Helene Wallin. This designer went to Estonia exclusively to learn the techniques and all the secrets to knit the Estonian shawls! I thought it was so cool.
Well, the shawl I want to knit is called: Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen. It is so beautiful!
Since I have never got into such a complicated lace project, I want to start with the easier one, I will make the scarf for my mother, and then I will make the wonderful shawl.
The thing is that I get distracted very easily when I knit lace and I mess up the stitches so that’s why I try to avoid it all the time, but now it’s time to grow up and focus.
In my opinion knitting lace makes you grow as a knitter.
So here I go today I started the scarf and I also started to love lace!!!!

I also wanted to share that I already started and finish two projects for 2011!! Yay the first 2 of the year!
This is what happened: Remember that I told you that I was making a hat (Passion Hat) for my husband with the baby alpaca? Well I did finish that hat for the 31st of December, so he was able to use it for that night, as I wanted it. He completely loved it; he loved the colors, the feeling of the yarn and the fit not so much, because it came out a little to loose. But he was so excited that the hat was so warm and soft that he used it.
                                                    Here are some pics of the Passion hat
                                                                          Up look
                                                           Close look so you can see the yarn

Well, On January 2nd, I started another hat  (I called it Passion hat II). I started and finished the same day! OMG it was a lot of work, I knitted all afternoon, but by 9:00pm it was ready and it was perfect! He couldn’t believe that I made another one so quick. I asked him “ Do you like it?”
He said: “ I love it, more than the first one, because it fits me perfectly, Thank you so much, I love you!” So there he is using the Passion Hat II all the time!!!!

Hugs, everybody

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