Friday, November 5, 2010

Knitting and me

Knitting… it takes my mind again, it’s my therapy, it activates my imagination and I create. Magic is what I feel when I project is done, when I can see the results, when I know I am wearing something made by me on my favorite color and my favorite length.
So I’ve been knitting away a lot this week. You see when I worried there is a point during the day that I need to let go, and then is when I grab my needles and my hands do all the work leaving my brain to rest. On Wednesday night I finished a hat for my husband, he needed one, it’s like a gray with two burgundy stripes. He was happy but a little disappointed because the color that used was really similar to the color I had used last year, but he liked and he’ll said he’ll use it. It was the perfect fit.
I have been wanted to knit  “ the shopping tunic” from Twinkle's Big City Knits for a long time, but I didn’t have the correct needles to start it. So I decided to finally look for the needles. So expensive! The place in Old Town Manassas wanted $15.00 for a Clover bamboo pair and $22 for a pair of Addis!!!!! Nooooo I can afford that! Sorry. So I decided to go online to Etsy and I found a wonderful shop that had the needles that I needed it. Do you know how much did I pay for the same pair of Clover bamboo needles? You won’t believe it! …………..
$4.00 for a pair!!!!!!!!! And $1.00 for shipping! I bought two pairs of different sizes and I spend including shipping $9.00 and only $9.00 dollars. So yesterday when I got home the needles were there in my mailbox. I was able to start my project and so far I love it!
I will show later. I am planning on taking plenty of pictures this weekend so you can see everything.

Today I am using my First Bolero!! It looks so cute! I feel proud when I remember that I made this bolero, hihihihi.
  The pattern is by Ysolda , love this girl, she makes really beautiful things. I wish I could knit as well as she does. Her work inspires me a lot.

 Well that’s all for today, you guys have a great weekend and enjoy!We are going to have drinks and some appetizers (yummy!) I tell you all about it later
Have a great weekend!

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