Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting crisis!

You have not idea how many times I remake the neck of the shopping tunic! OMG! It's driving me crazy! This is looking really bad. I do NOT like the look, shape or form of that neck, It turns out freaking HUGE! 
Nooooo, I am way too short for that type of neck I look like a big" walking sweater".  Patience Sabrina, breath, it is going to be only the 4th time that you un-knit this project, breath. You have to redo it again, so take  it easy lady! I know, I know i said to myself! Even though I talk to myself i am NOT crazy (well just a little bit).
So last night that’s what I did, while watching the Pacific (HBO war mini series) with my husband, I  un-knitted all the neck again to the shoulders; I left it ready to start knitting again, this afternoon when I come back home from work, I just want to finish it! In the mean while I say to myself “
“La paciencia es un árbol de raíz amarga pero de frutos muy dulces.”
“Patience is a tree of sour roots, but really sweet fruits”

I also wanted to share with you that my adorable husband got us tickets to go to the U2 concert for June 2011!!!! He was alerted so he new the first day the tickets went on sale and he got row 11 baby!!!!! I will see Bono so close that is going to be awesome! Besides U2 has a couple of songs that are very special to us, so is going to be a magic night.
I can’t wait!!!

To all the knitters, patience is the key for a wonderful project!
Hugs everybody,

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