Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things I wanted to show

Girls here is the finished product! I wish I could have taken a better picture of my bolero, but it was too dark and I just couldn't wait any longer to should it to you. I want to show you also how it looks on me so you can give me your opinion. I have to say that this is the first pattern that I used from Ysolda and let me tell you it was perfect! I loved it! Now I want more of her  work. I want her book really bad! She rocks!

I just love my Bolero!

I also wanted to show you the progress of my shopping tunic, last night I decided to un-knit again and I was able to make it fit! So I will finish it tonight. I am so tired of looking at it. I really want to finish it because the weather is supposed to get really cold next week, snow involved and everything, so I want to be ready, cozy and warm.
Last night I remember that I've never posted a picture of my first published pattern the one that came out on Knitting Pattern a day. Well here are the pictures of how my pattern really looks!

 I've submitted another pattern for 2012 and I am supper excited about I hope it can make to the calendar again. 
Well that's all for today, I now it's not much, but at least you could see where I am at.
Just for the record I am working on a new pattern for everybody.

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