Monday, March 12, 2012

Knittng Stitch Books and Spring thoughts

Looking and finding  the next project is taking me a lot of time. I can't make up my mind and it makes me nervous! I wanted to start Sylvi but I am not going to use it until probably next winter, so that's why I'm ifi about it. Maybe I start something light like Amiga for air conditioning cold.
In the mean while I wanted to show you and recommend this wonderful knitting stitch book that I found and bought on Etsy for $7 !!!! It is in perfect shape and it has wonderful patterns! I think is one of my favorite books ever, it has new and interesting new stitches! Many of the ones that you see on new designs on Ravelry. I am already starting to make some swatches to try the patterns that I like the most, just for practice.
Do you own books like this one? Which one is your favorite place to get knitting stitches from?
I also wanted to show you my baby alpaca yarn that my husband bought for me when we went to the farm.
I do think that I am going to save this yarn for a especial project, like for a baby or something, but first I need the baby! hahahaha so I might use it one of these days! The yarn is so soft and the natural color is beautiful, so pure! It has to be for a baby!
100% baby alpaca
Here you can see the names of the Alpacas where this yarn came from.

The fact that spring is almost here, makes me smile, I love this time a year! My batteries get recharged and I feel good! Lot of positive energy, opening my house windows is my favorite! and of course the sunny longer days!!! Now when I get home I still have time to go for a walk and is not going to be dark! Even my dogs are happier because they get to be outside longer! hahahaha

Happy week for everybody and spring hugs for you!


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melissa said...

oh i just love it when the tell you the name of the animal whose fleece made your yarn! so fun!!