Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Mythos

Hello everybody! Long time not see! 
The road has been bumpy over here, but now we are doing better on this end. Sometimes we just need to keep believing and we need to move on to keep going. I'll keep the sad story for me you don't come here to read more problems. You came to this site to read about knitting and fun projects right? so...
I haven’t been knitting a lot to be honest with you, but recently I started a new project that it was on my queue for a while and I really wanted to knit!
The project is like a cardigan from a free pattern called Mythos by LauraNelkin.
This cardi is knitted with fingering yarn! Yes, I know you are thinking is going to take forever, right? But I have to say it’s actually not that bad! It’s knitting up quicker than I expected.
The reason I picked up this design was because of the way is constructed which is very interesting in deed and besides I needed a knitting challenge too!
Mythos is knitted on two parts. I finished the right part last night, and I am going to start the left part tonight!
The yarn I am using is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet and the reason I picked this specific yarn was because first of all I liked the color, second it was the right weight, third it felt good to the touch and last the price was spectacular I got it at almost 40% off!!!!!! So we'll see how it comes out so far it's looking good I hope it doesn't stretch!
I will upload some pics later on.
For now, I just want to say I’m glad that I’m back and the storm has passed.
Hugs to you!!!!



Sara said...

Glad to see you bad, hope all is well

melissa said...

oooh that mythos pattern is lovely!

i'm glad you weathered your storm - sending you strength and healing.

Sabrina's Creations said...

Thank you so much Sara!
and Melissa thank you for your nice thoughts! Hugs to you two!