Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is the story of my scarf

For me every item that I knit has a meaning at the end.
When I started knitting the scarf I felt invincible, because even though it was a difficult pattern for me I decided to make it. Well it was not easy.
I started the scarf about 6 times, and it was always something wrong. I was about to give up, to start another project easier. I was angry with myself.
One day I called my mother and she was not having a good day, things were getting complicated with my dad, she said to me: “ I don’t know what to do or from where to get more strength to keep me going, but I do know one thing hijita, I’m not giving up, I must keep going for him and for me, everything is going to be all right”.
After that conversation I realized that this scarf needed to be perfect and it needed to be done on time to take it to her.
Yesterday I finished the scarf for my mom. I can’t explain to you the satisfaction I felt when I cast of the last stitch, I felt proud because I didn’t give up, I did what my mother taught me, I kept going.  I have to start blocking it tonight when I get home.

 Today I wrote a story to my viejita (mom) about what that scarf represents to me, and besides all the content I wrote that I won’t share there is a part of it that I do want to share;
All the yarns over forming holes represent all the moments my mother needed me and I needed her and we were separated for thousand of miles, the bubbles represent happiness and each of it its full of happy memories!
Red is her favorite color and for me represents faith and strength. I choose a complicated pattern because it represents all the difficult moments that we went through with my dad and because we were all united and strong as a family he is doing better. I decided to make for her a scarf because when she’ll wear it will be close to her heart.
This is Me, a dreamer, a warrior and maybe this story might sound weird for you because you might have never associated your knitting with moments but remember that everything is related to everything.
I am going back home next week; I will be there for a month so if you don’t see me now you know why.

Hugs to you and thank you for stopping by and remember thing do get better.


Anonymous said...

Tenes que escribir un libro, siempre te lo digo .
llegas al corazon de mucha gentew , al menos al mio si. Te quiero Diosa, tu madre tiene una hija que vale oro.
Tia Cheli

Sabrina said...

Gracias por tu dulce comentario Tia Cheli. Me alegra mucho que te llego al corazón porque eso quiere decir que me exprese bien.
Te quiero mucho