Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knitting Lace

What wonderful day today! My dad is doing better yay!!!. He has started to walk a little by himself again ladies! I know that this has nothing to do with knitting, but I had to share this with you! You have not idea how happy this news made me!
Yesterday I started to knit the Lily of the Valley Estonian Lace Scarf, OMG!!! I forgot why I didn’t like Lace projects! I had to start the scarf 3 times! I know, what an idiot right? Well let me tell you something this is me knitting lace stitch, Ha!

Well the thing is that after the 3rd try I master it! Yay!!!! And I was able to complete 36 rows without any mistakes! So tonight I will continue with that same goal, no making mistakes!
                                                       Here is how my Nupps looks
Oh, I wanted to tell you that last night while knitting and watching TV with my husband, he asked me if I could please make him a matching scarf for the Passion Hat II!
He designed it and everything, well he told me how he wants the colors to go together, and the length! How about that? So today I started knitting the called matching Passion Scarf, for him. I’m using US 6 because he likes when the feeling of the knitting is tight “without holes”, so it’s going slow!

A lot to knit and not enough time!

Hugs to you



Anonymous said...

Your lace is looking great. My first lace project had a weird chart and I subsequently re-did the first 20 rows about 7 times. I got past it but still haven't finished it just because of the trauma I went through starting it!

Sabry said...

Thank you Frederica! I have finished the project! I will post pictures later on.
The pattern was great it didn't have no one error a loved it!