Friday, January 8, 2010

Helping other makes my heart smile

Thinking about my country and how poor some areas are made me realized that we need to help each other a little bit more. I felt like knitting for the kids in need in the area, but I couldn’t find any information whatsoever
I wrote to a newspaper that had published an article about El Impenetrable Chaco, I hope to hear from them with some kind of data.  Knowing that people in The Chaco are dieing from starvation, and nobody is doing anything makes me so so mad. Well I want to help in any way possible even if it's just a hat, even if it can help one person. Sometimes when you have so much you just don't appreciate the little things, sometimes you just forget.

In the mean while I came out with the idea of knitting for the Hat Box foundation; they give the hats to hospitals that take care of patients with cancer that are going to the quimo process and they are losing their hair. I want to do this one in memory of my dear aunty Elba, (she is my little angel de la guardia now), she was my mom’s sister and we lost her in 1994. Also I want to do it because I have a dear friend of my soul that fought against the evil illness and she won! And I am so proud of her, she is so strong and has such a nice and beautiful heart, she is my oldest best friend.
So I told my friend the fighter, her sister, my mother in law and me to go ahead and knit for charity,and we all are going to knit for these people. It’s going to be a project full of love, friendship and care that it's going to be stamp in our hearts for ever.

I also called the Prince William Hospital and they are in need of preemie’s hat. So I will start working on that too. Can you imagine little tiny babies being cold? I would love to take a bunch to the hospital, if you are interested in this project please email me or left me a comment about it; I would love to collect more and more hats for these poor babies. If you need a preemie baby hat pattern let me know I have a bunch.
Come on let’s help together. Let’s make 2010 a little warmer and friendly.

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Anonymous said...

Hola Diosa, me parece muy lindo lo del hopital, traeme el patron o me lo explicas vos maniana.
Besos Tia Cheli.

I love you!!!~