Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's going on?

Away, I have been away from my blog, from my readers from my friends, but my heart and thoughts are always there thinking about you.
Today is a new day, my new home is being so cozy to us, we like it very much. I still have moving thing around and we have some decoration left to do. We had many friends over and already lots of good times at the new house.
Since we have only one office now, half of it it’s mine and the other half it’s my husband. It works out really well because he is so nice that let me do whatever I want with the décor. The only problem is that the room is a little small but you know what it’s really cute and we are happy.
Well we decided that it was time for us to go to visit the family and so we are going to Argentina in 12 days! I am really excited about this. My father really needs me this time, he just lost his brother and so he needs lot of TLC. My mom is so happy that she can’t wait to see us! Well and all the rest of the family is the same. We are going to be there for my husband’s grandmother 94th birthday!!!!!
I have been researching for places that sell beads and all that kind of stuff to buy and bring some items, because for summer time I like to activate my jewelry store and sometimes I find really unique beads.
I also started to crochet a blanket and it’s going really smooth and I love the colors that I have picked. I wanted to take it to Argentina to use it on the airplane, but I don’t know if I will, we are flying business class so I don’t think that this time is going to be necessary.

I am here just happy and not feeling really well (health problems), but I try to keep going and enjoy every minute of my life at the fullest.
Today it’s been 2 days without smoking, I am just so proud of myself. I promised my mother that I was going to quit and I promised myself this too long ago, I have not excuses, it’s time. I did open my eyes and I can believe how stupid I have been, why in the world will I kill myself if the only thing I want is to live long and happy? Well I don’t want to be stupid anymore; I don’t want to have any lung, heart, mouth, stomach, or arteries problems in the future. I don’t want to stink or have wrinkles and I don’t want to see my mother suffering because my addiction, this is enough. In the last past year one uncle was diagnosed with emphysema, another past way with lung cancer and one of my friends might have emphysema. So I don’t want to be next, I have the power to quit, I have the power to control my mind, and if I get stressed out I will carry hard candy to suck on them.
I feel relive! I have to convince my dad, my husband and my friend Cheli to quit now.

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Anonymous said...

Me alegro por tu desicion, yo pronto lo voy a dejar vicio maldito,
no va a ser necesario convencerme,te amo diosa , siempre miro tu blog y no hay nada nuevo y hoy sorpresa!!!!!habias escrito.
Besos Tia Cheli