Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mom loves me, i love my mom

I while ago a told you that when I got to Argentina  this last time my husband managed to record a little video of my mom and me, well here it is! This is one of my favorite videos ever, everytime I watch it my eyes get all watery and my heart gets super hipper happy! My mom is the one on white, she is waiting for me at the Airport in Buenos Aires, It's been a year since last time I visited her, and she didn't know I was coming to the back, the one in black is my aunt.
I hope you can feel the love that only a mom can give to a daughter, I love her with all my heart!


Anonymous said...

Diosa, muy emotivo el video de tu llegada a BS AS, tu mami hermosa como siempre, tambien hermosos lo trabajos que hiciste con los collares. todo divino, como vos.
Besos y abrazos, te quiero
tia Cheli.

Sabrina said...

Gracias Cheli! Yo tambien te quiero mucho!!!!!!!