Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Girly Hat!

Remember that long time ago I told you guys that I've submitted a hat pattern for the Knitting Calendar a Day, well I got my response on that one. My pattern made it for the 2011 Calendar! It's going to be publish for the month of September as a bonus! It's true I didn't win the first place or the second, but at least I made it through, and I am in!
I think I am going to design something more complex for the 2012 calendar, and try again this time for the first place!

So yesterday when I got home I drank my mate with home baked bread (yummy!) and then I started working on three necklaces  that I needed to finish for a client. On one I used yellow turquoise and glass beads, and the other one has yellow jade, and some other stones that at the moment not remember the name, the third one was just to finish it. I will post some pictures later on, I haven't taken them yet.

Tonight I have to make two more necklaces  for one I a going to use violet jade, and for the other black goldstone, I love that one!
I can't wait to get home and take pictures!!!
This ones are on my shop right now (SOLD!)

Green Glass Necklace

I have to start making more for my shop, the only thing is that I am not good at taking pictures on jewelry, it's so hard to capture the real colors of the semiprecious stones. I also made some shawls with the bubble yarn I brought from Argentina, pictures coming soon too!
Ohhh yesterday when I got home I little package was waiting for me! Yess i got the two cute little dresses that I traded with one of the girls on my  flickr.!! People there are so nice!


Pomegranategrl said...

I found you from the knit a day calendar. I am currently making your Girly Hat. Are your patterns on Ravelry? Thank you, I love the pattern.

My Tiny World said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your complement, you made my day!
I am so glad that you like the pattern! I am on Ravelry I am Sabry
Please come back to visit me!