Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Moments...

After  two painful and sad past weeks, I decided that is was time to write something about my life. On July 8th was my birthday, I turned 31! I know I thought I was going to be excited but something really sad happened to me and hubby ( I decided not to tell) but let's put it this way: "sometimes God gives you things for just a moment and then having his reasons, he decides that is better to take them away". So that's way we couldn't celebrate my birthday as we wanted. The good thing though was that we were more together than ever! My lovely husband is the best husband in the whole wide world, he really is!. So here I am, trying to start all over again. I feel better know with lots of energy and more content.

So to get my mind away sad things I started knitting for my divina Blythe doll Luna, I made some hoodies. When I went to Argentina my mom helped me to figured the pattern out so now I am able to knit it! I made three so far this pink one,

 Then this blueish one, I really like  this one

And then this colorful one

I have to confess that little while ago I bought a book , with lots of sewing patterns to start making dresses for my doll and my shop. The clothing for her is so expensive that I better start making it myself!  ( No to play with it, (shhhhh,) but for my shop!) My husband won't let me spend a penny on the doll ( and he is right) its just that it is so tempting to buy tiny things!

This is the book is written in Japanese but it has all the pictures necessary to understand the step by step!

So this is what I have been doing working for  my little shop My Tiny World , I also have been working on some jewelry for my Sabrina Creations shop! and as I have mention I have some local clients that like what I do and they ask me for new items. So happy me.

I have to say that I missed everybody, and I hope we can get on track again blogging more often.
Thank you for the all the good friends that were next to us when we needed them, thank you very much for all the love and prayers.
All my love for you my friends on the other side.

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